W H I T E • E L E C T R I C / cafe daze no. 2

written while listening to coffeehouse musictotally fitting.

a little backstory & how we found them | we actually found these guys a few years back on our way home from an outing in providence. since we weren’t coffee enthusiasts the last time we stopped in, we decided we needed to check it out again. it was fun to go back today & truly partake in the whole coffee thing. this morning proved to be the rainiest we’ve had in a while – the perfect weather for a morning in a cafe.


W H I T E  E L E C T R I C // providence, ri

the location | what you’d expect of downtown providence. since it is in the johnson and wales area, there is a college vibe to the location. street parking was easier than what i’d expect on a saturday morning and there was no charge – another plus. the area is totally urban, complete with used book & record stores, it made the eclectic part of me totally happy. though in a safe neighborhood, it’s definitely rural.


the atmosphere |totally urban, eclectic and aesthetically pleasing (and hipster, but that is pretty much a given). a lot of their decor is made with repurposed metal which was fun and visually pleasing. in addition, their white walls with black and red accents made for a very mod vibe. their also very oriented to their locale – a full wall is dedicated to the going-on’s in the area – complete with play’s, concerts, and political groups. their customer service was speedy, efficient, and pleasant. ultimately, everything in their store makes for a very enjoyable experience.


the prices | totally affordable! their bakery items ranged from $2-4 while their sandwiches were $6-9. coffee prices are what you’d expect. iced/hot coffees were $2-3 and their specialty drinks (lattes, cappucinos, espressos) were $3-5, all depending on the size.

the food | totally yummy! with a lot of menu options, it was hard to decide (donut or bagel? the possibilities were endless.) i decided on a bagel & jackie on a croissant, both proved to be very filling which is always nice for what is considered a ‘light breakfast.’ the taste was what you’d expect from bakery items – fresh & delicious.


the coffee | pretty mediocre. it wasn’t exceptionally strong or weak but landed somewhere in the middle. so if you’re a new englander, you can definitely expect it to land somewhere between dunkin dark roast & starbucks iced coffee. there was no charred or overly acidic flavor to it – it was a smooth blend which made for easy sipping. probably would give it a 7/10. i would definitely get one of their coffee’s again but it was not a life-changing roast, if you know what i mean.


the final thoughts | we’ll definitely be going back. between the atmosphere, good prices, and easy drive, white electric proved to be a very enjoyable excursion. 9/10 reccomend.


i dunno, i’m pretty happy with how our drizzle-y saturday turned out.



. . . . . .

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Dancing times are happy times

Hey dolls!

I’m offically a proud owner of the prettiest dancing shoes. A lot of you might remember my new years resolution to dance more and up until now, I’ve definitely been doing that. From just randomly breaking out in a series of twists and twirls with my best friend to actually going out for an evening of dancing last night, I’ve been having so much fun. I love dancing. It’s one of the happiest activities anyone can do. But, yeah, I hadn’t been shopping in so long. So, my sister was at a friends house, my dad out of town, brother number 1 at college, and brother number 2 off to work, so mom and I took the opportunity to shop and eat and enjoy each other’s company! Anyways, while I was in DSW I posted on my instagram my ootd and I thought I’d share it with you guys. I’ve been absolutely loving owning bean boots….if you couldn’t already tell 🙂

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Top: Thrifted // Jean: Kohls // Boot: L.L. Bean // Vest: OldNavy // Purse: Target

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

It was a bit rainy which made the air nice and warm and so I donned my vest with my outfit rather than my wool coat. 🙂

I hope you all have an absolutely lovely Saturday! 🙂



Rainy Days Spent Shopping

Hello from Mount Desert Island!

Mount Desert Island is the area in Maine where Acadia National Park is (For those who don’t know).

This week my family and I have been vacationing in this beautiful state because my grandparents own a house right on the tip and we come here every year as a reunion of sorts for my Dad’s side of the family. We’re near all these different “harbors” in which there lie many quaint stores that have amazing {but expensive} wares! It’s been pretty gorgeous up here all week long – high 70’s early 80’s, until yesterday. Since then it’s pretty much been incessant downpour and fog. To any who have been to Maine before, you know that it isn’t abnormal however, it does put a damper on things. So, this morning, to compensate for the time spent indoors yesterday, I went out to breakfast in the town nearest to us with my parents and sister and did some shopping. I wasn’t blessed with the joy of staying in PJ’s or sweats all day…HOWEVER rainy days are perfect  for shopping. So, I conquered the quaint downtown with wellies, a cozy sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans, and an iced coffee.



Top(not shown)//JCPenney


Sweatshirt//AmericanEagle (I swear this is one of 2 clothing items I have emblazoned with logos…PROMISE)



Okay, so I realize, that a lot of my outfits have the same pieces in them just worn different ways.

Please let me know if you only want to see new pieces! I feel like I keep showing you the same things…

But, yeah! I may check in with you all in the next couple of days, but, I’m off to camp for 4 days on Monday…so it may not be until Thursday that I do.

And here’s to shopping on the rainiest of days.