W H I T E • E L E C T R I C / cafe daze no. 2

written while listening to coffeehouse musictotally fitting.

a little backstory & how we found them | we actually found these guys a few years back on our way home from an outing in providence. since we weren’t coffee enthusiasts the last time we stopped in, we decided we needed to check it out again. it was fun to go back today & truly partake in the whole coffee thing. this morning proved to be the rainiest we’ve had in a while – the perfect weather for a morning in a cafe.


W H I T E  E L E C T R I C // providence, ri

the location | what you’d expect of downtown providence. since it is in the johnson and wales area, there is a college vibe to the location. street parking was easier than what i’d expect on a saturday morning and there was no charge – another plus. the area is totally urban, complete with used book & record stores, it made the eclectic part of me totally happy. though in a safe neighborhood, it’s definitely rural.


the atmosphere |totally urban, eclectic and aesthetically pleasing (and hipster, but that is pretty much a given). a lot of their decor is made with repurposed metal which was fun and visually pleasing. in addition, their white walls with black and red accents made for a very mod vibe. their also very oriented to their locale – a full wall is dedicated to the going-on’s in the area – complete with play’s, concerts, and political groups. their customer service was speedy, efficient, and pleasant. ultimately, everything in their store makes for a very enjoyable experience.


the prices | totally affordable! their bakery items ranged from $2-4 while their sandwiches were $6-9. coffee prices are what you’d expect. iced/hot coffees were $2-3 and their specialty drinks (lattes, cappucinos, espressos) were $3-5, all depending on the size.

the food | totally yummy! with a lot of menu options, it was hard to decide (donut or bagel? the possibilities were endless.) i decided on a bagel & jackie on a croissant, both proved to be very filling which is always nice for what is considered a ‘light breakfast.’ the taste was what you’d expect from bakery items – fresh & delicious.


the coffee | pretty mediocre. it wasn’t exceptionally strong or weak but landed somewhere in the middle. so if you’re a new englander, you can definitely expect it to land somewhere between dunkin dark roast & starbucks iced coffee. there was no charred or overly acidic flavor to it – it was a smooth blend which made for easy sipping. probably would give it a 7/10. i would definitely get one of their coffee’s again but it was not a life-changing roast, if you know what i mean.


the final thoughts | we’ll definitely be going back. between the atmosphere, good prices, and easy drive, white electric proved to be a very enjoyable excursion. 9/10 reccomend.


i dunno, i’m pretty happy with how our drizzle-y saturday turned out.



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the rejected ones : 3 weeks of photos

In case you were wondering, I’m [thoroughly] addicted to is instagram. And though it’s not a h u g e problem, I post quite frequently. At least once a day that square frame pops up on the feed with a caption that attempts to be whimsical and with a subject that wants to be lovely. I can’t help it. I love gramming. Despite how often I do post, there are so many insta’s that go in the reject pile because their subject is a little…shall I say…too mundane?  But that’s not to say I’m not proud of the shots – I so am. I’ve been heading up to Boston quite frequently as of late, I’ve gone on many excursions with dear friends, and as the weather warms up here, my pictures have taken a joyful turn. I thought I’d share with you some of the rejects, that I really do adore.

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take lots of pictures this week. document the things that catch your eye + suit your fancy. life is what you make of it. make it beautiful.



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Friday Freebie

Happy Friday, friends!

Not sure about you, but this week has been a bumpy one for me. It hasn’t been a literally-everything-is-going-wrong kinda week, but it was a full week + that brought in that familiar stressed out feeling + to be honest, I just felt a little battered. When weeks like these hit me, it  is so hard for me to love others. When I feel unsteady and weak, I tend to turn inward, to focus on rebuilding internally what life has torn down. So often I forget to look upward to Jesus, and in forgetting that I lack the strength to love others. Every morning this week as I put on my earrings, I read this saying + though it lacked the “Jesus” factor, it reminded me to love. Despite what circumstances you find yourself in, don’t forget to love other people. And if you feel like you don’t have the strength to do that, don’t look inward as I have done. Lift your eyes up to the creator and sustainer of all things + he will guide your steps + grant you peace + strength. [Psalm 121:1]


Print this out, hang it up, and remind yourself to love love love those around you.


brittany charis

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on the radar: spring fashion

Well, I’ve reached a predicament.

Every summer [ without fail ] as September begins to creep up on me, I begin to feel an immense longing for temperatures that require layering and morning breaths that can be seen when you step outside. I find that as any season ends, I long to jump with all that I am and go bounding into the next…and I’ve reached that place again.

Blizzard [number 20891, I think?] is in the forecast for this weekend.

Boston is making great strides to breaking all records ever for snowfall.

And I am cold and ready for a tall order of sunshine + blue skies with a side of iced coffee + sunscreen. February drags on and snow keep coming and I cannot wait for spring. So, this being the case, when I was contacted to do a trend report for y’all, I was beyond enthused. Not only do I have an idea handed to me about what to post, I get to dive into this next season’s fashion. I’m excited.

So, I’m replicating the upcoming weather with the warmest clothes I can muster and a heater by my feet. [or I’m just trying to remain not frostbitten.]


[ s p r i n g  2 0 1 5 ]

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In past years, New York Fashion Week for the Spring season presented us with neons and pastels, skater skirts, and loose blouses. This year though, trends seem to have taken a different spin. With 2014 changing to 2015, those neons, pastels, skater skirts, and sheer blouses are being tossed and replaced with subtle pieces. All your favorite companies are donning the same concepts and I’m here to [attempt to] share with you some of my favorites.

> > The Cream of the Crop < <

I can’t begin to tell you how much white I have seen this season [ various shades of it too! : ivory, cream, starchy white, and champagne. ] Many don the “no white after labor day” for the winter, but this season all white ensembles are “it.” This spring, a white trouser + blouse are so lusted after that you’ll be the talk of any town you saunter into.

[ looks I love: one | two | three | four ]

> > The Craze of the Geo[metric] < <

Pattern wise, this season is seeing a lot of new lovelies. There is nothing over-the-top about these fabrics and that is why they’re crazy big this season. With Spring 2015 approaching, designers are donning simplicity and this geometrics craze is right up that alley. Steer clear of the chunky geometrics + the chevrons – this season’s prints are all about crisp, thin lines + classic shapes.

[looks I love: one | two | three ]

> > A Vibrant Pastel < <

This season, it’s out with the baby hues and in the with the vibrant versions of mauve + sky. A few years ago, mint was all the rage; this year, the deepest cerulean and richest salmon are amongst designer’s favorites. These colors emphasize the modern woman’s attributes: playful + strong. As we exit the dreary months of winter, we leave behind the drab brown + black by donning these rich hues, spreading brightness wherever we go.

[ looks I love: one | two | three ]

> > The Serif Phenomenon < <

If any of you guys are lovers of the kate spade aesthetic, you know just how obsessed the fashion world is of the serif font. Everyone knows that kate spade is totally known for their brilliant phrases that are projected on phone cases, journals, bags, etc. As sweaters are being replaced with t-shirts, the lower-case phenomenon is taking off. Graphic tees + accessories are all about simple sayings + lettering.

[ looks I love: one | two | three ]

> > The Little One < <

Like the serif phenomenon, dainty jewelry is on the rise because of its simplicity. Statement necklaces still fly off the shelves, but this season designers are keeping it light. They’re ditching the bling and using subtle [little] pieces instead. The simple gold + silver neck pieces highlight the most attractive parts of the womans body – the collar bones – and don’t draw the attention away from one’s countenance [rather, they direct attention to it.]. These pieces are easy to layer, perfectly dainty, and personify the innocence and elegance of a lady. Over-the-top is out, and underplayed is in.

[ looks I love: one | two | three ]

. . . . . .

> > S I M P L I C I T Y < <

If you haven’t caught it yet in the post, the overall trend of this spring is simplicity. Whether that be with patterns, shapes, or accessories, subtlety is in high demand. I am absolutely in love with it [especially since it makes for an easy wardrobe transition and replicates the lightness of the spring season ]. This season, simplifying will cause you to stand out in the crowd. So ditch the layering and the chunky knits and don the lighter, fresh and blooming ensembles.

> > What simplifying means is being minimalistic but not plain – it’s finding a happy medium between the over-the-top neon and the plainest of pinks. Dewy complexions + makeupless faces; a simple ring on your pinky instead of 4 on one hand; a tee shirt, jeans, and a patterned clutch or an earth-toned sandal with a salmon top + denim. It’s finding that place of feeling free in your outfit and not drowning yourself in patterns, colours + prints. It’s accentuating what you love the most about yourself and not covering and concealing every inch of your beautiful skin.

[ looks I love: one | two | three ]

. . . . . .

Colorwise, the overall favorites of the season include the brightest greens, fresh salmons, deep navy’s, and rich yellows.

. . . . . .

Alright, my most beautiful friends; thus concludes one of the funnest posts I’ve had the privilege of writing + compiling.

You all are beautifully stunning + absolutely divine.



 p.s. how are you simplifying this season? hashtag #simplifywithme so I can see what you’re wearing!

holiday hit list

Well, it’s the day before thanksgiving and the weather outside sure is frightful. It’s been a yucky mix of sleet, snow, rain, and hail since 9am this morning which is proving to be quite a chilly mix. Though the snow has yet to accumulate, the roads are beginning to freeze over and let’s just say, I think that it would be much better to just stay inside in my sweater, leggings, and slippers writing to you guys. So, all that aside. Isn’t vacation just absolutely splendid? I had an absolutely wonderful lie-in this morning just catching up on youtube + social media happenings. After a quick excursion to a nearby coffee shop, my sister and I came home and popped on the tv. There is no school looming over my head [ just a few SAT math problems 🙂 ] and I’m so soaking up this much needed break from the busy-ness of this time of year.

Anyways, now that I’ve downloaded on the happenings of the last 24 hours, I can launch into the topic of the post. [I’m a bit long-winded when it comes to blogging – hehe!] With Christmas fast approaching, Pandora stations are being tuned to Bing Crosby, red and green colours have been splashed across advertisements and jingle bells are heard on every tv commercial. I can’t say I’m upset. Rather, I am quite ecstatic. Christmas [yuletide as it were] provides such an immense warm, fuzzy, joyful feeling, that I can’t help but overlook the craziness of the season and just soak up the joy of it all. With Christmas comes long shopping lists, and lower than normal bank accounts. I know for me, I always like hearing what people are watching/hoping to purchase over the holidays. But, I thought I’d share with you 5 of the items on my holiday hit list [otherwise known as my winter wish list – I thought a hit list sounded way cooler, though. Can I get an mhm?]

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

one | patagonia re-tool snap pullover

first off – this is comfort to the max. I’ve been eyeing the vest for a long while, until I realized that I have too many vests and not enough fleeces. New England in January and February is pretty brutal and once I came to the realization that a vest wouldn’t suffice on the 14° mornings, which is when I started browsing the web for fleeces. And seeing that patagonia is always the way to go, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. I love the raw linen colour.

two | cold hands warm heart mug kate spade

for quite a while now, my favorite cold weather saying is the “cold hands, warm heart” one. I think it totally personifies the season as a whole and so when I saw a bunch of vloggers and beauty bloggers doing ootd’s that included this mug, I fell in love! I love the color blocking and simplicity of all the kate spade products, and seeing that I have a minor coffee obsession I thought this was a good fit.

three | ben rector the walking in between

Oh my goodness, this man knows how to write songs. I can’t tell you how many times in the last few weeks I’ve put on Ben Rector and just allowed myself to chill to the bass lines and acoustic-ness of his music. I so thoroughly enjoy his voice and “the walking in between” is definitely all-around my favorite album.

four | monogram mug by anthropologie

And, in addition to a travel mug, I had to put a real mug on the hit list. Like c’mon. My coffee addiction is almost as real as the addiction to posting pictures of my coffee on instagram 😉 This mug from anthropologie is by far one of my favorite mugs I’ve seen yet. The gold and the white is complimented by the size of the mug and gah – be still my heart! I absolutely adore it. [plus monogrammed everything is pretty much the best thing]

five | vineyard vines graphic long-sleeve tee [men’s]

another preppy love that I have been eyeing all year. I love love love this white henleyesque tee. Since it is a men’s shirt, I can pair it with leggings and jeans and get away with both which is pretty important during the winter months. Though vineyard vines can sometimes run the risk of being too preppy, this shirt is just right. Plus it’s cute and comfy – the best!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

have a wonderful windsday!

and as always…



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snaps from the day:


perfect day for reading…

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and blogging for that matter 🙂

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oh! and buble. don’t forget buble.

My latest endeavor.

Hello, lovelies!

Wow. It’s been a while! I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical from this blog as I recently started up a joint blog with a dear friend.

We’d been talking about it for a little over a year and finally at the beginning of June we got things up and running. So, this blog has been a bit neglected. It’s quite hard to manage 2 that have quite similar content. I was thinking about posting some of the posts that I post on there here as well, but, I felt like I would be double dipping a bit. ANYWAYS, I thought y’all would probably wanna check it out. 🙂

http://brittanyandsamanthaa.blogspot.com/ – I post on Wednesdays and Samantha posts on Saturdays (with posts in between!). 

Head on over and check it out!

I’ll check in again soon – I promise!



Spilled coffee

I hate spilled coffee.

Wait, let me restate that. I hate spilling coffee on my outfit after waking up at 6:51 sans alarm with a sore throat and having to get out of my cotton comfort and into the June 1st morning, in which I had to do some kind of jig around the people in my kitchen to get my breakfast.

Yeah. That seems about right. It’s been a bumpy morning. Usually Sunday mornings go smoothly, with a heart that is joyful because church tends to do that to me. This morning was unusual, however. With the exception of the beautiful weather outside the windows, I was having some serious trouble figuring out how I would ever get through the morning without getting visibly frustrated at someone.

Mornings like this are when my weakness is on full display. My skirt has been stained by iced coffee, my hair is knotty and snarly and unwilling to cooperate, my kitchen is too crowded to just toast a bagel and cook an egg, my shower has little-to-no shampoo/conditioner and I only realize this AFTER I get in.

Hey, at least my outfit is cute?

No. That was not the redeeming part of my morning. The redeeming part of my morning is remember the Redeemer who willingly gave up his perfect life, that I might live.

He died for my unhappy attitude this morning, for every single morning – the good and the bad. Because chances are, no day goes free of grouch, anger, and visible frustration. His power was made perfect through my weakness.

His power was made perfect through the spilled coffee, 6:51am, a lack of shampoo/conditioner, an abundantly full kitchen, and most importantly my unhappy heart.

Thanks for spilled coffee, Jesus. It reminds me just how much I need you. 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Top: j crew // Skirt: Homemade // Flat: DexFlex by Payless // Earring: Forever21 // Bracelet: Alex and Ani // Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe




Noonday pink.

Noonday pink.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Hope you all are having a blessed Sunday!