bolt coffee co. / cafe daze no. 4


a little backstory & how we found them | travel sites and pinterest have never been more frequented by my sister and i. in our intense and extensive searching of the internet, we stumbled across gorgeous shots of a tiny little shoppe in downtown providence. it was unanimously decided that we had to check it out. the following morning we headed into the city to do some shopping and stopped to enjoy the cafe beforehand. totally worth it.

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b o l t c o f f e e c o / providence, ri

the location | nestled in the first floor of the dean hotel in providence, bolt coffee provides an ecclectic, closely knit layout that’s located just off the beaten track. it is only a short walk from providence’s mall but the community it tailors has a range that is far greater than just shoppers. businessmen, students, tourists, and ] locals all frequent the shop since its location lands right in the middle of downtown providence. street parking was easy to find BUT all the available spots required charge (the meters accepted credit/debit cards as well as coins, which was definitely an added bonus!)

the atmosphere | very mod. most of the decorations were black and white with exception to the large purple/pink neon letters that read ‘fine’. overall it was very mellow and laid back, the barista was friendly and the service was efficient. the persona of the cafe made for a very enjoyable and vibey experience. in other words, it was totally rad.

the prices | if there’s anything that has become a constant in these cafe explorations its this: the smaller the cafe, the pricier the brew. bolt coffee definitely lives up to it. their iced coffee selection was limited to a cold brew which priced at $5 for 24oz. of coffee. espresso drinks ranged similarly from $4-6, depending on the size. and though it is to be expected of these companies, the pricey product does make their brand seem a little more unattainable.

VSCO Cam-6.jpgthe coffee | it leaned towards mediocre. the barista who served us that day was incredibly helpful and gave us all the info in regards to the beans they use. after learning where they came from and how they were processed, i was expecting a stronger brew. what i got was definitely exotic coffee: it had a smooth texture and was easy to drink, but you could taste the separation of bean and water. i drank it and the caffeine level was rocking but i’m not sure i would get the cold brew again since that definition is not something i particularly enjoy! i definitely want to go again and try a latte – i’ve heard that they’re the thing bolt offers that is out of this world!

final thoughts | the atmosphere was totally killer and i’ll definitely go back to try some of their other menu items. though the product wasn’t as good as i perhaps was expecting i DID enjoy my visit to this cafe and i would gladly go back! on a ten point scale, i would probably give it a 6.5 (but again, that is entirely based on the iced coffee i tried!) i’m hoping to visit again soon and i’ll update this when i do.

until next time, coffee drinkers!


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long time no blog // weekending randomness

Hey, chicas!

How are you all on this fine April day? It’s been a crazy busy last 3ish weeks since I blogged last. My apologies for leaving you guys for that amount of time, but April has definitely been the busiest month so far this year. Between school and various activities that seemingly take up free time, I have had next to no time or creative inklings in the last month or so. But, I’ll fill you in on the happenings. 

♥I’ve been dancing my toes off. Every chance I get, my toes are moving, my head spinning and whirling, and my heart happy. 

♥I have an upcoming production of Just in Time; a Guys and Dolls adaption. My head has been totally invested in 1939 fashion, and I can’t say I’m upset about it. 

♥A New York trip is coming up! For my birthday, my mom is taking me down for 48 hours in the city that never sleeps. We’ll be seeing Wicked on Broadway, visiting all the classic stores, and eating in all the little outdoor cafe’s we can find. I’m quite excited – I’ll be bringing a camera so I’ll probably do a photo diary..if y’all would like to see that. 🙂

♥Party planning, party planning, and more party planning. I’ve been getting ready for an upcoming 1/2 birthday party (more like, I wanted a party in the summer.) So, I’ve been pinterest-ing out the wazoo and my friend and I pretty much have all the details pinned down. Invitations go out in the next two weeks, and then we’ll see where it goes from there! 🙂

♥I’m officially on spring break! I think that’s pretty self-explanatory, but, yeah. 🙂

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I spent a ton of time browsing this blog this afternoon. I can’t help it. I think I’m becoming a full fledged prepster. 

♥ ♥ ♥


Extérieur de la maison.

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Accessorize me pretty! 

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Vanilla Cinnamon Iced Coffee

Vanilla cinnamon iced coffee recipe – I’ve been really wanting to try this! 

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Happy Friday!

Drink coffee, dance, and stay stylish this weekend!





Rainy Days Spent Shopping

Hello from Mount Desert Island!

Mount Desert Island is the area in Maine where Acadia National Park is (For those who don’t know).

This week my family and I have been vacationing in this beautiful state because my grandparents own a house right on the tip and we come here every year as a reunion of sorts for my Dad’s side of the family. We’re near all these different “harbors” in which there lie many quaint stores that have amazing {but expensive} wares! It’s been pretty gorgeous up here all week long – high 70’s early 80’s, until yesterday. Since then it’s pretty much been incessant downpour and fog. To any who have been to Maine before, you know that it isn’t abnormal however, it does put a damper on things. So, this morning, to compensate for the time spent indoors yesterday, I went out to breakfast in the town nearest to us with my parents and sister and did some shopping. I wasn’t blessed with the joy of staying in PJ’s or sweats all day…HOWEVER rainy days are perfect  for shopping. So, I conquered the quaint downtown with wellies, a cozy sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans, and an iced coffee.



Top(not shown)//JCPenney


Sweatshirt//AmericanEagle (I swear this is one of 2 clothing items I have emblazoned with logos…PROMISE)



Okay, so I realize, that a lot of my outfits have the same pieces in them just worn different ways.

Please let me know if you only want to see new pieces! I feel like I keep showing you the same things…

But, yeah! I may check in with you all in the next couple of days, but, I’m off to camp for 4 days on Monday…so it may not be until Thursday that I do.

And here’s to shopping on the rainiest of days.