bolt coffee co. / cafe daze no. 4


a little backstory & how we found them | travel sites and pinterest have never been more frequented by my sister and i. in our intense and extensive searching of the internet, we stumbled across gorgeous shots of a tiny little shoppe in downtown providence. it was unanimously decided that we had to check it out. the following morning we headed into the city to do some shopping and stopped to enjoy the cafe beforehand. totally worth it.

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b o l t c o f f e e c o / providence, ri

the location | nestled in the first floor of the dean hotel in providence, bolt coffee provides an ecclectic, closely knit layout that’s located just off the beaten track. it is only a short walk from providence’s mall but the community it tailors has a range that is far greater than just shoppers. businessmen, students, tourists, and ] locals all frequent the shop since its location lands right in the middle of downtown providence. street parking was easy to find BUT all the available spots required charge (the meters accepted credit/debit cards as well as coins, which was definitely an added bonus!)

the atmosphere | very mod. most of the decorations were black and white with exception to the large purple/pink neon letters that read ‘fine’. overall it was very mellow and laid back, the barista was friendly and the service was efficient. the persona of the cafe made for a very enjoyable and vibey experience. in other words, it was totally rad.

the prices | if there’s anything that has become a constant in these cafe explorations its this: the smaller the cafe, the pricier the brew. bolt coffee definitely lives up to it. their iced coffee selection was limited to a cold brew which priced at $5 for 24oz. of coffee. espresso drinks ranged similarly from $4-6, depending on the size. and though it is to be expected of these companies, the pricey product does make their brand seem a little more unattainable.

VSCO Cam-6.jpgthe coffee | it leaned towards mediocre. the barista who served us that day was incredibly helpful and gave us all the info in regards to the beans they use. after learning where they came from and how they were processed, i was expecting a stronger brew. what i got was definitely exotic coffee: it had a smooth texture and was easy to drink, but you could taste the separation of bean and water. i drank it and the caffeine level was rocking but i’m not sure i would get the cold brew again since that definition is not something i particularly enjoy! i definitely want to go again and try a latte – i’ve heard that they’re the thing bolt offers that is out of this world!

final thoughts | the atmosphere was totally killer and i’ll definitely go back to try some of their other menu items. though the product wasn’t as good as i perhaps was expecting i DID enjoy my visit to this cafe and i would gladly go back! on a ten point scale, i would probably give it a 6.5 (but again, that is entirely based on the iced coffee i tried!) i’m hoping to visit again soon and i’ll update this when i do.

until next time, coffee drinkers!


brittany charis

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T E A S & J A V A S / cafe daze no. 3

a little backstory & how we found them | our family frequents the area around the cafe & we’re always seeing the little black & white storefront on our way to the starbucks a block down. i have been there before but jackie hadn’t & so we decided to include it on the “cafe tour.”

T E A S & J A V A S / providence, ri


the location | it is in the same vaccinity as thayer street but is more domestic & laid back than the one-way iconic street in providence. the retail within the area is limited to a few restaurants, starbucks, a yoga studio and 2 bookstores (one used, one new). street parking is pretty easy to find and for the most part is free. since today was a sunday, our parking required a little walk to get to the cafe but seeing that it is spring, we didn’t need to complain.

the atmosphere | parisian. it’s a black and white color scheme with fun chalkboard menus. very much like a patisserie that you might find in france. the decorations are minimalistic, bright, and there’s a lot of natural light which further adds to the “city vibes” of the cafe. a very welcoming atmosphere, perfect for pretty much anything, whether a date night or a grab-and-go, it makes for the ideal instagram picture (priorities, people.)



the prices | food-wise it’s inexpensive. breakfast sandwiches are about $4, baked goods $2-3, their gelato (squeals) $1 a scoop, and their bistro items about $4-7. coffee is a bit more expensive. their espresso drinks are 4-7 and their classic brews & iced coffee range from $2-4, both depending on size.

the food | delectable! with the prices being what they are, it’s pretty easy to be ok with mediocre food but T&J definitely impressed with their food quality. fresh & made swiftly, it tasted gourmet. i left the store with a happy tummy (and wallet). 10/10 recommend. (side note: i have  just gotten gelato before and it is just as good and filling as any other menu item. the creamy deliciousness isn’t a common menu item for the area but theirs is so delicious & it doesn’t leave you feeling groggy and heavy, like ice cream does.)


the coffee | i had already had an iced coffee (yay starbucks) that morning, so  i opted for an espresso drink. for $3.75, i was a little disappointed with how acidic the espresso tasted. it wasn’t as silky-smooth as most lattes are. it definitely appeals to those who like a stronger espresso drink, but i like a purer taste for my lattes. the pretty mug & foamed milk swirls (not quite latte art, haha!) made up for it, but it definitely wasn’t as decadent as some other drinks i’ve tried. i’m hoping to go back and try their iced coffee and see what that’s like, i’ll probably go back and edit this when i do and let you know how it is. ultimately, i probably won’t get the lattes again because they’re quite expensive and their taste doesn’t suit me well. would give it probably a 5/10 taste-wise.

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final thoughts | i enjoyed my afternoon lunch here! the atmosphere made me feel so content and though the espresso wasn’t my “cup of tea” if you will, it won’t keep me from going back. definitely recommended if you’re looking for a nice cafe in the brownu / thayer street area that’s not blue state coffee or starbucks.

yay for pretty places that make for pretty pictures and enjoyable lunches!



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W H I T E • E L E C T R I C / cafe daze no. 2

written while listening to coffeehouse musictotally fitting.

a little backstory & how we found them | we actually found these guys a few years back on our way home from an outing in providence. since we weren’t coffee enthusiasts the last time we stopped in, we decided we needed to check it out again. it was fun to go back today & truly partake in the whole coffee thing. this morning proved to be the rainiest we’ve had in a while – the perfect weather for a morning in a cafe.


W H I T E  E L E C T R I C // providence, ri

the location | what you’d expect of downtown providence. since it is in the johnson and wales area, there is a college vibe to the location. street parking was easier than what i’d expect on a saturday morning and there was no charge – another plus. the area is totally urban, complete with used book & record stores, it made the eclectic part of me totally happy. though in a safe neighborhood, it’s definitely rural.


the atmosphere |totally urban, eclectic and aesthetically pleasing (and hipster, but that is pretty much a given). a lot of their decor is made with repurposed metal which was fun and visually pleasing. in addition, their white walls with black and red accents made for a very mod vibe. their also very oriented to their locale – a full wall is dedicated to the going-on’s in the area – complete with play’s, concerts, and political groups. their customer service was speedy, efficient, and pleasant. ultimately, everything in their store makes for a very enjoyable experience.


the prices | totally affordable! their bakery items ranged from $2-4 while their sandwiches were $6-9. coffee prices are what you’d expect. iced/hot coffees were $2-3 and their specialty drinks (lattes, cappucinos, espressos) were $3-5, all depending on the size.

the food | totally yummy! with a lot of menu options, it was hard to decide (donut or bagel? the possibilities were endless.) i decided on a bagel & jackie on a croissant, both proved to be very filling which is always nice for what is considered a ‘light breakfast.’ the taste was what you’d expect from bakery items – fresh & delicious.


the coffee | pretty mediocre. it wasn’t exceptionally strong or weak but landed somewhere in the middle. so if you’re a new englander, you can definitely expect it to land somewhere between dunkin dark roast & starbucks iced coffee. there was no charred or overly acidic flavor to it – it was a smooth blend which made for easy sipping. probably would give it a 7/10. i would definitely get one of their coffee’s again but it was not a life-changing roast, if you know what i mean.


the final thoughts | we’ll definitely be going back. between the atmosphere, good prices, and easy drive, white electric proved to be a very enjoyable excursion. 9/10 reccomend.


i dunno, i’m pretty happy with how our drizzle-y saturday turned out.



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A N G E L I N A ‘ S | café daze no. 1

let the coffee drinking commence! 

a little backstory & how they were found | i was browsing a friends instagram and stumbled across a post including this location. i knew it was a must hit so the sister and i piled in the car early one friday morning very excited to taste some new coffee. it was a longer drive than we anticipated, taking us through some dive-y areas of rhode island and massachusetts, but as we entered bristol, it was clear that our trip would not be in vain.

A N G E L I N A ‘ S // bristol, ma

the location | downtown bristol was QUITE easy to look at. with the drive being what it was, i was a bit skeptical, but when we arrived it was found to be quite charming. the sidewalk is narrow and all the buildings are old (and maintained construction). since it was a week-day, street parking was a breeze (and free) which homegirl was all for.

the atmosphere | the cafe is very quaint & modestly decorated with a color focus of turquoise and red. we found it to be less of a sit-down place & more of a grab and go. with low ceilings and a few tables, it’s clear that they are known for their coffee more than anything else. the staff is incredibly friendly and outdoor seating would have been nice in the summer, despite the street traffic.


the prices | a little steep. a cold-brew was in the 3/4 range & the croissant about $2. a latte ranged from 4-5 & a cappucino was the same. hot coffee was about the same as the cold-brew.

the food | your average bakery decadence. wasn’t anything out of the park and didn’t feel filled when i was finished. since we went for a breakfast, i would have liked more options for food (they had muffins, scones, and croissants, not much else). in short, it’s more of a midday place than a dining place.

the coffee | so. good. and totally worth the higher prices. they make their brew with a chicory flavoring which offers a totally new experience for coffee drinkers. i take only cream in my coffee & prefer my blends to be strong and theirs definitely was. i settled for a cold brew and found the chicory flavoring to be so satisfying. it had more depth to its taste ( in contrast to your average starbucks iced coffee) which gave it a totally new feel (and a sensory experience because of it!). 10/10 recommend their coffee.


final thoughts | the sister and i were pleased with our experience. we definitely feel there are more angelina’s runs in us, but since it is so far away and offers very little in the sit-down and dine department, we probably won’t be frequenting the store. for anyone in the bristol area, i would definitely recommend their coffee (especially if you’re a strong-blend lover like this girl!)

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a new project | café daze

i’m a huge coffee drinker.

and by that i do not mean that my intake of the [beloved] drink is excessive or abundant BUT i do love a good cuppa joe and enjoy checking out cafes in the area. enter: #cafedazewithjandb.

café dazewithbrittanycharis

one thing i’ve wanted to do for as long as i can remember is scavenge all the local coffee joints & determine if their brew is something extraordinary. living in the providence/boston area, there is no lack of stand-alone breweries. the urban & ecclectic setting is one this area knows well. most (if not all) are off the beaten track and don’t have a starbucks rep going for them SO for the next few months, i’ve made it a goal to check off as many of these places as i possibly can with my coffee buddy (hey jackie). as i was jotting down a bunch in my notebook yesterday, i realized that it would be way cooler if i branched out into the blogosphere for my coffee adventures. i’ll be photographing and reviewing most (if not all) of the cafe’s we stop at & i’m so excited to share my coffee rendezvous with you!

who’s excited?

i definitely am.

a most-needed valentine

on the car ride home a few days ago, i asked the Lord if he would be the one to send me a valentine this year. when i got home this is what he wrote to me. 

My dear, sweet darling,

My goodness how I adore you. I know it’s hard to look beyond the emptiness of today. The flowerless vase, the blank phone, the empty mailbox, the hurting heart – another seemingly love-less valentines day is coming and going and, well, it’s empty. I see that, I even feel that and I hear you. Believe me, I do.

Everything is temporal, my princess. I know it’s hard to understand, being bound to time. I created it that way. I created everything in your life so that you’d lean further into my embrace, fall faster to your knees, lift your eyes when trouble arises – everything is temporary. Even the stars and the mountains you’re so astounded by, the mighty waters and the great sun, those which seem so constant, they too will fall. They too will crumble. They too will disappear. 

Likewise, this today, this brutally hard today, it will pass too. Ah, my darling. If only you could see things the way I do. It brings a smile to my face looking at the life I have created, the plans I have laid, the story I have written for you to experience. My goodness, it’s beautiful. The beat of your gait on the good and bad days, the way your face falls and rises as your heart does, how glorious this pain will look but a few years from now – it’s all good. I like your jokes. The way you throw your head back and clutch your tummy and let your hair fall – it is joy as I created it. You make me smile, my love. You make me smile so big. Your imperfections – the way you chew on your lip, the dimples in your back, the way you crack your knuckles when you’re nervous and the way you always drink your coffee when it’s too hot –  all bring joy to me. You are exactly as I want you to be and today is exactly as I have planned. My sweet, I love you in all your forms. Greasy hair or a makeup-streaked face or chipped nails or your morning breath. I love you in a way that you will never ever fully understand. In a way that I will never be able to put into words – you just have to feel it. And even then, you will never fully grasp the weight and height and depth and breadth of my affection, my deep, relentless, world-shaking affection for you. My darling, you. It is you I adore. 

I know you don’t feel it today, but I want you to believe your worth. The worth found in me. Far more precious than rubies and silver and gold, you my dear, are my brilliant creation. My arms will hold you as you need and my being will provide and protect you for as long as you have breath, and then forevermore. I promise. 

My beloved, look not to the empty mailbox, vase, inbox – they are temporal, remember? 

My dear, sweet, darling. Run to me, find me, let me swallow you in my unrelenting love, let me cover you in my forever love-song. 

I am your rose, your love letter, your forever.

And I will never ever ever stop proving it to you. 

Love (which doesn’t even cover it – look to my son’s hands for proof),

Your God and King and Bridegroom

my nonexistent christmas cheer

I found it really hard to shop for christmas presents this year and equally as hard to compile a christmas list. 

I kept scouring sites and browsing through well-loved stores whilst trying to remember what items i’ve wanted but have been too broke to actually purchase. and i couldn’t come up with anything. and it was frustrating. it was even hard to get into that festive spirit – around me malls were donning christmas lights and stores were blasting well-loved carols & radio hits, people were wishing me happy holidays and i was doing the same. but i didn’t feel that cheer. that festive brightness. and it felt off. discombobulated. i felt like one of those toys that you get that needs assembling. when you follow the directions to a tee and the darn thing still doesn’t work, you realize that you got a broken toy. 

it’s been a really hard semester for me. A lot of ups and downs. a lot of tears, a lot of depression-like symptoms, a lot of confusion and anxiety. every bad thing i’ve ever had to experience seemed to all bubble up to the surface this semester and it has been h a r d. to let you on how bad it’s been, i’ll give you an example. on the day after thanksgiving, my family was setting up the tree, and i just wanted to sleep, drown out the christmas carols with my drake and a$ap rocky, fetty wap (and some one direction here and there). it didn’t feel right. it didn’t seem right. it wasn’t right. but i couldn’t really do anything about it. in new york city, as i looked at the rockefeller tree and the in-love couples skating away on the ice below…as i listened to the cheer-filled people remarking on the beauty of swarovski star and the starry tree, i felt distant. disjointed from the culture. disjointed from the world. disjointed from joy. cast off from cheer. i felt so not me. 

i was not me. 

here i am: a girl with seemingly everything. 

blonde hair, a pretty okay bod, boys i care for who had come a-calling, a steady job with steady hours and pretty good pay, friends who love me, people who look up to me, parents who watch out for me and want what’s best. all the things surrounding my life were, well, beautiful. 

but they felt ugly to me, empty.

I couldn’t find jesus in any of it. 

Where was He when I was singing those songs? Where was He when the tree lit up? where was He when I was compiling my christmas list, staring at the rockefeller tree, driving to and from christmas activities? Where was He when I looked into the wrinkled faces of those darling folks in the nursing home? Where was the joy of Jesus?

And why? Why was I the only one that wasn’t feeling it?

Calling it a battle would be putting it lightly. My prayers felt empty. My tears felt like they were being cried in vain. 

No one could see. It felt like Jesus wasn’t there. I felt alone. 

And it was brutal. More than brutal, it was hopeless. 

When we joined hands the night of performance, something happened. It was not a “fall to your knees” moment, or a “tears rolling down your face moment” but it was prophetic, and just what i needed. words just kept coming to my mind, words that i was praying for me and also for those around me. captivity. bondage. circling round and round in my wearied mind, weighing on my already heavy heart. 

While these words kept going round and round, this is the picture that i had. 

Captivity: a slave. bound. bound to darkness, bound to sin, bound to doubt, bound to life on earth. feet tied down, the savior was leagues away, and there was no escaping the trial, the valley, the cave of this…thing. wearied, he collapsed. suffering, he fell down. exhausted, he stared blankly at the ceiling. he could not get away and he could not escape and there was no freedom. there was no light. there was no jesus. hopeless. (as I look back on this picture, I realize I was describing myself in this season that I had/have been in…talk about a God thing.)

and yet, Bondage: an anchor, being dropped into the sea. the same concept of being attached to something only this time, it was Jesus’ love. this time it was the ocean of his mercy, the sea of his grace. this time, it was hopeful. this same man was all of a sudden freed because of the captivity. no longer was this a chain attaching him to the bad, the fall, the sin. this was an anchor, attaching him to the only hopeful thing of this world. 

I share this with you to encourage those of you who are having trouble having that Christmas cheer. Because we have bowed our knees to our creator, we no longer have to feel the captivity of this world. We can rest in the bondage of our Saviors love. 

The great I Am came as a babe. A helpless, weak baby. With small features and delicate fingers, a fragile being, dependent on Mary’s care. The one from whom all strength emanates from had to depend on human care. The King of Kings, the Artist, the Star Placer, lay in an animal’s feeding trough.

He grew up like a young plant, like a root out of dry ground. he had no form or majesty that we should look at him and no beauty that we should desire him. he was despised and rejected by men. A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. (Isaiah 53)


Christ Jesus who though he was in the form of God did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, EMPTIED himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men.

Being found in this weak form, he humbled himself. 

The great I Am, humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. 

His last breath, saturated with the weight of a million sins, broke the chain of captivity. 

In its stead, this captivity was replaced with the bondage to his love. 

And now we are slaves of righteousness.

Holiday cups, Perry Como christmas albums, peppermint mochas, mistletoe kisses, performances, loved ones coming home from college, gifts bought and received, even laughter, cannot give us that kind of joy: the joy of KNOWING Jesus, and being BOUND to his freeing love. 

Be of good cheer today, friends. 

Christ Jesus is Lord.

And on your shoulders has been placed the full weight of his never-ending, ocean-overflowing, perfect, wholly good love.IMG_1600