north bakery / cafe daze no. 5

i bring coffee into 98% of all conversations. a lot of people are annoyed by this BUT occasionally, i come to find that the person i’m talking to is a coffee-lover and they often will then refer me to their favorite local spots.IMG_0817.jpg

n o r t h  b a k e r y / providence, ri

location | nestled in a thickly settled residential area, north bakery blends in with the surroundings. it’s sign glows fluorescent neon in the window, but most would just attribute it to a hipster couple living in an apartment. wrong. it’s just a 2 minute drive from white electric coffee and totally off the beaten path BUT it’s one of the sweetest bakeries i’ve been to thus far in our excursions.

the atmosphere | laid-back, closely knit. the seating is scarce as it seems to put more emphasis on their bakery items and less on their drinks. however, there were extra chairs scattered throughout that could be brought up to the additional 2 bars, if need be. what made the atmosphere truly unforgettable were the bakers. rolling out buttery dough and mixing together fruit compotes, cutting squares for pastry items, they busied themselves within the view of the customer.  it was so much fun to watch product being made whilst sipping our coffee, and the smells that erupted from the oven were second-to-none. my mouth is watering just thinking about it.


the prices | incredibly reasonable. i paid 2.75 for a 16oz. cold brew. their espresso drinks were pretty average in their price ranging 3-4 dollars based on size.

the food | we went for mid-morning coffee, so unfortunately i didn’t try the food. however, seeing that it is a bakery and the smells were so utterly delicious, i don’t think you should expect ANYTHING short of amazing. i’ve gotta go back and try those scones, oh my my.


the coffee | exceptionally delicious. it only came in one size, but 16 oz was plenty. the brew itself was smooth and strong, the perfect pair. adding cream didn’t make it taste watery which is a major plus and i didn’t notice the taste of separation between the bean and water that often accompanies cold brew. ultimately, 2.75 was a great price for such a delicious cup of coffee. it was refreshing and strong and kept me caffeinated until dinner!


final thoughts | though north bakery emphasizes baked goods their drinks by no means pale in comparison. it’s the perfect place for a grab and go or a solo trip for working but doesn’t necessarily accommodate social outings. however, being in the area that it is in, there is plenty to do once the brew has been acquired. i would definitely recommend this cafe to anyone in the providence area as it was cheap and delicious, whilst offering the ultimate hipster cafe scene. in my book it was a 9/10!!!

. . . . . .

happy drinkin’, new englanders!



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