T E A S & J A V A S / cafe daze no. 3

a little backstory & how we found them | our family frequents the area around the cafe & we’re always seeing the little black & white storefront on our way to the starbucks a block down. i have been there before but jackie hadn’t & so we decided to include it on the “cafe tour.”

T E A S & J A V A S / providence, ri


the location | it is in the same vaccinity as thayer street but is more domestic & laid back than the one-way iconic street in providence. the retail within the area is limited to a few restaurants, starbucks, a yoga studio and 2 bookstores (one used, one new). street parking is pretty easy to find and for the most part is free. since today was a sunday, our parking required a little walk to get to the cafe but seeing that it is spring, we didn’t need to complain.

the atmosphere | parisian. it’s a black and white color scheme with fun chalkboard menus. very much like a patisserie that you might find in france. the decorations are minimalistic, bright, and there’s a lot of natural light which further adds to the “city vibes” of the cafe. a very welcoming atmosphere, perfect for pretty much anything, whether a date night or a grab-and-go, it makes for the ideal instagram picture (priorities, people.)



the prices | food-wise it’s inexpensive. breakfast sandwiches are about $4, baked goods $2-3, their gelato (squeals) $1 a scoop, and their bistro items about $4-7. coffee is a bit more expensive. their espresso drinks are 4-7 and their classic brews & iced coffee range from $2-4, both depending on size.

the food | delectable! with the prices being what they are, it’s pretty easy to be ok with mediocre food but T&J definitely impressed with their food quality. fresh & made swiftly, it tasted gourmet. i left the store with a happy tummy (and wallet). 10/10 recommend. (side note: i have  just gotten gelato before and it is just as good and filling as any other menu item. the creamy deliciousness isn’t a common menu item for the area but theirs is so delicious & it doesn’t leave you feeling groggy and heavy, like ice cream does.)


the coffee | i had already had an iced coffee (yay starbucks) that morning, so  i opted for an espresso drink. for $3.75, i was a little disappointed with how acidic the espresso tasted. it wasn’t as silky-smooth as most lattes are. it definitely appeals to those who like a stronger espresso drink, but i like a purer taste for my lattes. the pretty mug & foamed milk swirls (not quite latte art, haha!) made up for it, but it definitely wasn’t as decadent as some other drinks i’ve tried. i’m hoping to go back and try their iced coffee and see what that’s like, i’ll probably go back and edit this when i do and let you know how it is. ultimately, i probably won’t get the lattes again because they’re quite expensive and their taste doesn’t suit me well. would give it probably a 5/10 taste-wise.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

final thoughts | i enjoyed my afternoon lunch here! the atmosphere made me feel so content and though the espresso wasn’t my “cup of tea” if you will, it won’t keep me from going back. definitely recommended if you’re looking for a nice cafe in the brownu / thayer street area that’s not blue state coffee or starbucks.

yay for pretty places that make for pretty pictures and enjoyable lunches!



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