A N G E L I N A ‘ S | café daze no. 1

let the coffee drinking commence! 

a little backstory & how they were found | i was browsing a friends instagram and stumbled across a post including this location. i knew it was a must hit so the sister and i piled in the car early one friday morning very excited to taste some new coffee. it was a longer drive than we anticipated, taking us through some dive-y areas of rhode island and massachusetts, but as we entered bristol, it was clear that our trip would not be in vain.

A N G E L I N A ‘ S // bristol, ma

the location | downtown bristol was QUITE easy to look at. with the drive being what it was, i was a bit skeptical, but when we arrived it was found to be quite charming. the sidewalk is narrow and all the buildings are old (and maintained construction). since it was a week-day, street parking was a breeze (and free) which homegirl was all for.

the atmosphere | the cafe is very quaint & modestly decorated with a color focus of turquoise and red. we found it to be less of a sit-down place & more of a grab and go. with low ceilings and a few tables, it’s clear that they are known for their coffee more than anything else. the staff is incredibly friendly and outdoor seating would have been nice in the summer, despite the street traffic.


the prices | a little steep. a cold-brew was in the 3/4 range & the croissant about $2. a latte ranged from 4-5 & a cappucino was the same. hot coffee was about the same as the cold-brew.

the food | your average bakery decadence. wasn’t anything out of the park and didn’t feel filled when i was finished. since we went for a breakfast, i would have liked more options for food (they had muffins, scones, and croissants, not much else). in short, it’s more of a midday place than a dining place.

the coffee | so. good. and totally worth the higher prices. they make their brew with a chicory flavoring which offers a totally new experience for coffee drinkers. i take only cream in my coffee & prefer my blends to be strong and theirs definitely was. i settled for a cold brew and found the chicory flavoring to be so satisfying. it had more depth to its taste ( in contrast to your average starbucks iced coffee) which gave it a totally new feel (and a sensory experience because of it!). 10/10 recommend their coffee.


final thoughts | the sister and i were pleased with our experience. we definitely feel there are more angelina’s runs in us, but since it is so far away and offers very little in the sit-down and dine department, we probably won’t be frequenting the store. for anyone in the bristol area, i would definitely recommend their coffee (especially if you’re a strong-blend lover like this girl!)

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