a new project | café daze

i’m a huge coffee drinker.

and by that i do not mean that my intake of the [beloved] drink is excessive or abundant BUT i do love a good cuppa joe and enjoy checking out cafes in the area. enter: #cafedazewithjandb.

café dazewithbrittanycharis

one thing i’ve wanted to do for as long as i can remember is scavenge all the local coffee joints & determine if their brew is something extraordinary. living in the providence/boston area, there is no lack of stand-alone breweries. the urban & ecclectic setting is one this area knows well. most (if not all) are off the beaten track and don’t have a starbucks rep going for them SO for the next few months, i’ve made it a goal to check off as many of these places as i possibly can with my coffee buddy (hey jackie). as i was jotting down a bunch in my notebook yesterday, i realized that it would be way cooler if i branched out into the blogosphere for my coffee adventures. i’ll be photographing and reviewing most (if not all) of the cafe’s we stop at & i’m so excited to share my coffee rendezvous with you!

who’s excited?

i definitely am.


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