seventeen & stuff

one | life has a lot a lot of potholes.
but it’s okay. sometimes, you need the flat tire so you can find the other parts of your “car” that need fixing

two | silence actually can be the most comfortable thing

three | a lot can happen in 6 mos / 2 weeks / 12 hours.

four | it’s okay to be broken.
light seeps in through the cracks, always and it’s also okay to show people those chips & broken spots. if you’re perfectly cemented over, nobody gets to appreciate the things underneath the floorboards.

five | boys aren’t so great. men are wonderful. (never let your feelings get in the way of falling for the first)

six | money can’t buy the way the ocean feels or the way the sun perfectly dips behind the trees and it most definitely cannot buy the home that is 2 arms and a heartbeat.

seven | sometimes coffee will hate you. never hate coffee back. [coffee is also synonymous with people]

eight | imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
but copying and imitation aren’t one and the same. and copying is annoying. don’t copy people.

nine | Jesus should never ever become second tier to anyone or anything. every day, make him the king of your life. living is so much more enjoyable and freeing when you do.

ten | people will tell you over and over again to be nice to other people and to always be selfless and extend kindness. you should. but you cannot love others without loving yourself first. when you look in the mirror and wonder how you became so unloveable, remember it starts with being kind to yourself.

eleven | sometimes people are gonna wonder if you have your life together. sometimes you’re gonna wonder if you have your life together. and even when things are starting to fall into place, you’re still gonna wonder if your life will ever be put together. it won’t. but that’s what makes living an adventure. fly by the seat of your pants, enjoy the wind whipping around your face and the view from way up in the sky. having it all together is no fun.

twelve | let other people comfort you in your hour of need. weep with them. do not be afraid to humble yourself by being openly broken. let arms wrap you up, let their words soothe your soul, let telling others mend your brokenness. but d o n o t make them feel that they must solve your problems, merely show them that you have some.

thirteen | tea is still gross.

fourteen | do not let fear stop you from doing crazy things. go. jump fences. stop at the hole-in-the-wall cafe. head into new york city by yourself. apply to that college. jump, leap – do not be afraid. fear confines, restrains, and takes away joy. live without fear by just doing crazy things.

fifteen | on the worst of days, doubling the amount of bubbles in your bath will always make you feel better.

sixteen | they say that writers experience all there is to experience by the time they turn twenty. but sometimes, you experience all there is to experience in one year. write through every emotion and growing pain and missing. because if only for a split second, the words tumble out and you understand what moments mean.

seventeen | there are nights when you will lay on your carpet ands stare at your walls and wonder if the light will ever come again. the plaster will feel like it’s closing in on you. your heart will feel empty. your pulse will quicken. you’ll say to yourself a thousand times over, “i’m so f*****g done.” and you’ll let your fingernails roam the floor and you’ll feel sorry for yourself and wonder how you ever made it here when just two hours ago you were thinking that life couldn’t be better. you’ll weep until your mouth is dry and your head pounds and your nose looks like it’s out of a christmas catalogue. and you’ll be surprised, every time, because the light always comes. (the room stops feeling so empty and your soul stops aching and your head stops pounding – Jesus and Ibuprofen, baby.)

Sr pics Brittany 153

oh seventeen: you have been wonderful and horrible, bright and dark – a brilliant mix of the best & the worst. you’ve made me stronger. and i think that’s all i can ask of anything.




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