hello again!

hey, beauty!

i hope you’re doing well on this beautiful thursday evening. my oh my it has been a while. my summer was gorgeously packed with so much and i just found it ill-fitting to hop in the internet for hours. vacations were spent lazing upon the sand and laughing with family, weekends were spent with my best friends – drinking coffee and making memories and loving on life. (if you’re wondering what i did on the summer, track the hashtag #summertwentyfifteenwithb) i wouldn’t have changed it for the world, but goodness i’m happy to be back on here! i never want this place to feel like a chore, and entering the school year i am freshly inspired to talk to you all and share with you all the parts in my life that i’m loving and are deeply resonating with my spirit.

over the next few months, things won’t be perfect. i want to change up my look a little bit and i also am in the process of applying to colleges, so there will be weeks when things fall silent. but rest assured, i’ll always come back.

in other news, brittany + samantha has been so much fun this summer! you can find the stuff that i posted here.

ah! this feels so right.

i love you so so much.

talk soon, gorgeous!




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