an update

hello, friends!

i hope you all are doing well on this fine monday evening. our little town is going through a craazy heat wave at the moment and just stepping outside causes instantaneous heat stroke [no, but basically yes]. i have been unpacking and doing laundry all day from our lovely trip to cape may & as i was about to sit down and binge watch some netflix, i decided it was high time to update you all on the going-ons in my little corner of the world & why this little place has been neglected this past month. basically, bottom line is: life is crazy at the moment. crazy wonderful, crazy trying, and crazy busy. my summer’s usually are. between trying to spend as much time with my friends who are going off to college in the fall, working and travelling, what little time i have left to myself is spent blogging for b+s. i haven’t wanted to double-dip post wise because i think this lovely place deserves much more than i copy & paste sort of post. so basically, what i’m trying to get at is that – i haven’t forgotten about you! i’ll be back just as soon as i can. for now, stop in on b+s every wednesday to get updates from me & i’ll check back in as soon as i can.

i love you all & hope to be back soon soon soon with more lovely content!




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