on the radar | amstergrammer

i’m an obsessive instagrammer.

you know it & i know it & i think if i had a title regarding any kind of social networking site, it would be as follows:

brittany evans, instagram addict

i am not ashamed. but no body is thrilled with the amount of time i spend checking the site & talking about random happenings via the gram. all this aside, i think this gives me a bit of an upper hand when someone asks about instagrammers & who my favorites are. i’ve got a stellar top 10, whose insta’s are absolutely stunning [ if i do say so myself ]  but every once in a while, i have an 11th member in the “top tier.” this week is one of those weeks.

the 11th member: @yas_in_amsterdam

her tagline: living in Amsterdam. loving the city. capturing it’s beauty and lifestyle.

why i like her: her photos are v e r y visually captivating. her compositions are superb and her aesthetic is clear – something inspiring to me! there isn’t a mish-mash look to her account it’s very uniform without being boring. reccomended by the sister, i’ve been drooling over her photos [ she posts daily ] as they’ve come flooding into my stream.

my favorite snaps:



i mean, how gorgeous are these photos?

snoop through her account & follow it! you’ll be smitten with amsterdam as soon as you see the first picture in your feed. guaranteed.

. . . . .

who is the your instagrammer of the week?




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