this weeks love list

can you believe it’s june already?

may totally flew by for me…i’m still in utter disbelief that we are officially in the thick of summer! now, despite the calendar saying that it is indeed june 5, the weather this week has been a bit melancholy. monday hit a low 40 [a knit was donned.] and today was a high of 70[shorts and a tee.]. it’s a bit chilly…but that’s new england weather for you. too hot in october, too cold in june, and way too snow-y in january. Anyways, all weather aside, I’ve been loving a few random things for the past few weeks that I thought I’d share with you. who doesn’t love a good, extensive favorites list?

. . . . .

100 years of Fashion in 90 seconds – I don’t know about you but this is mind-blowing… the transformation of style from 1915-2015 is unbelievable! a must-watch.

a good pen goes a long way. this one is delicious!

Gal Meets Glam went to Alaska with The College Prepster. Both blogs have been in my most viewed the last few weeks. [ be sure to check out their alaska posts! ]

Books on the parisian’s are my favorite. [ one | two ]

vibe-y tunes are my favorite in the summer. been loving yes! by jason mrazwanted on voyage by george ezra

the crazy huge jcrew sale that’s going on is breaking my wallet. [faves: one | two | three]

atticus poetry is really hitting home for me these days.

the lilly agenda’s for the 2015/16 school year are out! they’re all so gorgeous i don’t know how i’m going to choose!

the bad blood music video is still hitting home for me. so star-studded & so fierce.

been loving ellie & jared mecham in the vlog realm as of recent. sweet family with a sweet new addition!

i’ve been binge-watching suits for the last week. oops.

to do: move to new york & experience summer on the rooftops in the city that never sleeps.

been loving all the fun launching publicity for b+s the last few days. eep! we’re back and it feels so right!

. . . . .

the last week in grams:

insert shameless instagram plug.

find me here!

. . . .

happy weekend, lovely!




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