thursday on the square

hello, dear friend! boy, it has been a while [ much too long, indeed ] between finals, performances, and junior year wrapping up, it’s been hard to find time to do much else but check things off of my to-do list. since this little corner of the internet is my happy place, i never want it to be a chore…which means i didn’t add it to the list + it’s been hurting… but, i’m back! and since it’s now officially summer [ squeal! ] i should have ample time to produce posts more often than naught.

in prepping for the relaunch of b+s i’ve realized that this lovely place is easily placed on the back burner in my life, and so i’ve made it a summer goal to produce more, often. so cheers, friends. to happy hippie summer days, the relaunch of b+s, and the upkeep of xoxo, brittanycharis. i love each of you dearly + am excited for all this summer has for us!

. . . . .

a few days ago, my older brother, younger sister, and i all headed out to grab an iced brew + ended up staying in downtown providence for a while to read. i didn’t want a high maintenance outfit, so i ended up opting for a hoodie + denim over my comfy tank. to make it look even m o r e socially acceptable, i donned a comfy pair of boat shoes. it was a simple outfit, comfortable; when the sun got to be too hot, i had layers to shed!


Tank: Target / Hoodie: Target / Pant: American Eagle / Shoe: Payless / Glasses: Forever 21


I adored the book, THE ROYAL WE, suggested by the college prepster. It was an easy to read novel filled with sappy romance a n d delicious plot twists. set in oxford, england. for all the lovers of chick-lit / also, how annoying is it that my cuffs are uneven? it hurts my heart.

. . . . .

happy memorial day, gorgeous!

hope you spend it lazing by the water with a cool glass of lemonade.




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