the recipe for success | mastering sporty-chic

Sporty chic is hard to accomplish.

Believe me, it’s taken me years to get a sort of handle on the right approach. And to be quite honest there are so many other people who have that perfect casual outfit that maintains class and dignity, is simple + perfect for any game day.

Throughout the years, I’ve strung together my must haves into the follow

my recipe for game-day success

— gorgeous basic tee [ i prefer white since it doesn’t absorb the heat and goes with

e v e r y t h in g ]

— the baseball cap of your choice [ my fave  – i’m totally partial to blue caps, to be honest ]

— a simple denim skinny or short

— a fabulous shoe [ heel, sneaker or sandal]


sunnies / leatherwear

The point of this look is to be as effortlessly chic as possible [even though it may have taken you a few hours to settle on the perfect shoe!] whilst remaining the comfort needed for a day in the stand.


how i like to style it : simple, cute, chic

my favorite looks: one | two | three

. . . .

happy almost-thursday, friend!



p.s. how do you style your baseball hat to accomplish sporty-chic?

comment below to fill me in on your style loves!


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