this weeks love list

Spring break is almost officially over + to say I’m sad to see it go is the understatement of the year. I had the time of my life with 2 of my bestest friends in D.C. in which we took many selfies, perused many stores, and drank lots of cold brew [ see below ]. I’ve been loving on a random assortment of things this week + I thought, why not share with you the exact objects of my affection? [ plus, these posts are way fun! ]

. . . .

Sarah Vickers gives a tour of her [exquisite] office.

Cuteness for a key chain, purse or backpack – easy + straightforward.

 This was easily my most favorite thing to munch on [ a little sweet + a little salty ; a case of 6 is totally worth it! ]

This watch has stormed Instagram.

Coming in clutch.

Starbucks has upped their cold brew game…by, like, a lot.

these detox waters are gonna be stellar when the heat hits

smile, baby.

tumblr done [so] right.

S U R P R I S E 

the launch – documented.

the most intense 6 minutes ever.

been eyeing this bandeau.

love the message and idea behind this book

. . . .

laters, baby!



. . . .

snap of the week:


@britt_e: i love these people, i love this place /


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