the rejected ones : 3 weeks of photos

In case you were wondering, I’m [thoroughly] addicted to is instagram. And though it’s not a h u g e problem, I post quite frequently. At least once a day that square frame pops up on the feed with a caption that attempts to be whimsical and with a subject that wants to be lovely. I can’t help it. I love gramming. Despite how often I do post, there are so many insta’s that go in the reject pile because their subject is a little…shall I say…too mundane?  But that’s not to say I’m not proud of the shots – I so am. I’ve been heading up to Boston quite frequently as of late, I’ve gone on many excursions with dear friends, and as the weather warms up here, my pictures have taken a joyful turn. I thought I’d share with you some of the rejects, that I really do adore.

. . . . .

. . . . .

take lots of pictures this week. document the things that catch your eye + suit your fancy. life is what you make of it. make it beautiful.



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