weekend getaways : essential

Goodmorning, friends!

It’s snowing here. It’s almost April.

I really think New England has a serious case of the blues. Not even kidding – 60 degrees one day, 30 the next – somethings up with the clouds…maybe they have a case of the monday’s? April is a pretty big month for me school-wise. It’s the final 4 weeks of cram season [AP’s + such], break week will come + I’ll be out-of-town, I’m visiting colleges + totally trying to soak up the last few weeks of junior year. Needless to say, I’ll be living in my weekender bag + I thought I’d share with you some of my must-haves for overnights + trips.

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a weekender bag | the absolute perfect size for all your must-haves, easily toted, and the perfect accessory.

mine: similar | favorites: [ one ] [ two ] [ three ]

your signature scent | going someplace new is oftentimes very uncomfortable. I always pack my signature scent to have a piece of home + my every day routine to keep me calm.

a yummy read | for the car trip, quick train ride, or  short flight, I always enjoy having words. it helps my data plan [so I don’t check instagram] and makes the time go by crazy quickly.

suggested: [ one ] [ two ] [ three ]

a happy mag with a hot spread | I’m a c r a z y visual person, so just having something to flip through when I need to do something brainless is key to relaxing. Anything with bright colours + chic editorials? sign me up.

suggested: [ one ] [ two ] [ three ]

cozy jacket | for the breez-y night, or to make a car ride comfortable, I always pack a fleece-y shell to keep me cozy + warm during the weekend.

suggested: [ one ] [ two ] [ three ]

journal’d | I’m all about words [ can you tell? ] so having a good ballpoint pen + pretty paper to write down things that catch my attention as I explore or to just use as a wind-down at the end of a long day, journals are best!

suggested: [ one ] [ two ] [ three ]

a quick recharge | because I’m so big into insta, I’m constantly having to recharge my phone [ leaving the camera app open does lots to one’s battery ]. Instead of having a nervous breakdown when the phone flashes 2%, a phone case with a built in recharger keeps me “juiced up” all day long.

suggested:  [ one ] [ two ]

. . . . .

happy weekending, loves!




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