the beginning of the beauty

the 21st of march is here.

it’s safe to say that despite how chilly it is out-of-doors, spring is on it’s way. and to say i’m vibing with the season is a m a j o r understatement. BEcause of how enthused I am at the change of the tide, I’ve been lusting after so many spring-y items, some covered in graphic fleurs, others that are simply gloriously bright, and some still that are just simply, fresh. I love when seasons change because it means that my wardrobe gets to evolve + shape + become new all over again!  I have yet to embark on a major spree, but it’s coming, quickly, + my list just keeps growing! for you today: here’s my love love love list, filled with fleurs + bright colours.

spring blues, the good kind.

a happy, yummy bright “rise and shine” cup is a must.

earth toned jumpsuits are lovely always.

simply cut leather tote to hold all of your favorites.

carrying less is always better. [especially when it comes to wallets]

 trench for the rainy days ahead.

taper toes to keep your feet hot.

cool grey’s for the days you just need to be lazy.

the daintiest of necklaces [personalized, too!].

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

“i must have flowers ; always and always.” –claude monet

happy beginning of spring, friend!

hope your day lacks the cold+ drear of the season we’re leaving!




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