Friday Freebie

Happy Friday, friends!

Not sure about you, but this week has been a bumpy one for me. It hasn’t been a literally-everything-is-going-wrong kinda week, but it was a full week + that brought in that familiar stressed out feeling + to be honest, I just felt a little battered. When weeks like these hit me, it  is so hard for me to love others. When I feel unsteady and weak, I tend to turn inward, to focus on rebuilding internally what life has torn down. So often I forget to look upward to Jesus, and in forgetting that I lack the strength to love others. Every morning this week as I put on my earrings, I read this saying + though it lacked the “Jesus” factor, it reminded me to love. Despite what circumstances you find yourself in, don’t forget to love other people. And if you feel like you don’t have the strength to do that, don’t look inward as I have done. Lift your eyes up to the creator and sustainer of all things + he will guide your steps + grant you peace + strength. [Psalm 121:1]


Print this out, hang it up, and remind yourself to love love love those around you.


brittany charis

. . . . . .

[how I styled it]



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