this weeks love list

Sunday has come and gone – filled with the drinking of machiatto’s + the making of many lattes [ perks of being a barista 🙂 ]. It was a bit grueling and so this evening I’m enjoying kicking back, watching the oscar’s, and updating you all. My love list this week is quite long + extensive, but I thought I would share with you all a few lovely things I’ve stumbled across / been loving the past week.

. . . . . .

This girl’s killer oscar ensemble. [hers too!]

Happy fruit is getting me through the winter blues.

These low-maintenance plants, too.

NYFW brought a whole wave of new arrivals +

I am loveloveloving this light cashmere pullover.

I’ve got my eye on this whimsical typeface.

A pretty shoe, makes for a better day.

Because doughnuts are the yummiest.

Michelle Phan’s blog, but mostly this post.

I just might have to have this box assortment.

Absolutely stunning arm candy.

In love with lob’s [on my summer to-do list!]

Houseware cuteness.

The Nate Berkus collection [ this one esp. ]

On my to-read list.

I’ve got to get my hand on one of these beaut’s.

And finally, this drink.

. . . . . .

Happy week-beginnings, friends!




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