on the radar: spring fashion

Well, I’ve reached a predicament.

Every summer [ without fail ] as September begins to creep up on me, I begin to feel an immense longing for temperatures that require layering and morning breaths that can be seen when you step outside. I find that as any season ends, I long to jump with all that I am and go bounding into the next…and I’ve reached that place again.

Blizzard [number 20891, I think?] is in the forecast for this weekend.

Boston is making great strides to breaking all records ever for snowfall.

And I am cold and ready for a tall order of sunshine + blue skies with a side of iced coffee + sunscreen. February drags on and snow keep coming and I cannot wait for spring. So, this being the case, when I was contacted to do a trend report for y’all, I was beyond enthused. Not only do I have an idea handed to me about what to post, I get to dive into this next season’s fashion. I’m excited.

So, I’m replicating the upcoming weather with the warmest clothes I can muster and a heater by my feet. [or I’m just trying to remain not frostbitten.]


[ s p r i n g  2 0 1 5 ]

. . . . . .

In past years, New York Fashion Week for the Spring season presented us with neons and pastels, skater skirts, and loose blouses. This year though, trends seem to have taken a different spin. With 2014 changing to 2015, those neons, pastels, skater skirts, and sheer blouses are being tossed and replaced with subtle pieces. All your favorite companies are donning the same concepts and I’m here to [attempt to] share with you some of my favorites.

> > The Cream of the Crop < <

I can’t begin to tell you how much white I have seen this season [ various shades of it too! : ivory, cream, starchy white, and champagne. ] Many don the “no white after labor day” for the winter, but this season all white ensembles are “it.” This spring, a white trouser + blouse are so lusted after that you’ll be the talk of any town you saunter into.

[ looks I love: one | two | three | four ]

> > The Craze of the Geo[metric] < <

Pattern wise, this season is seeing a lot of new lovelies. There is nothing over-the-top about these fabrics and that is why they’re crazy big this season. With Spring 2015 approaching, designers are donning simplicity and this geometrics craze is right up that alley. Steer clear of the chunky geometrics + the chevrons – this season’s prints are all about crisp, thin lines + classic shapes.

[looks I love: one | two | three ]

> > A Vibrant Pastel < <

This season, it’s out with the baby hues and in the with the vibrant versions of mauve + sky. A few years ago, mint was all the rage; this year, the deepest cerulean and richest salmon are amongst designer’s favorites. These colors emphasize the modern woman’s attributes: playful + strong. As we exit the dreary months of winter, we leave behind the drab brown + black by donning these rich hues, spreading brightness wherever we go.

[ looks I love: one | two | three ]

> > The Serif Phenomenon < <

If any of you guys are lovers of the kate spade aesthetic, you know just how obsessed the fashion world is of the serif font. Everyone knows that kate spade is totally known for their brilliant phrases that are projected on phone cases, journals, bags, etc. As sweaters are being replaced with t-shirts, the lower-case phenomenon is taking off. Graphic tees + accessories are all about simple sayings + lettering.

[ looks I love: one | two | three ]

> > The Little One < <

Like the serif phenomenon, dainty jewelry is on the rise because of its simplicity. Statement necklaces still fly off the shelves, but this season designers are keeping it light. They’re ditching the bling and using subtle [little] pieces instead. The simple gold + silver neck pieces highlight the most attractive parts of the womans body – the collar bones – and don’t draw the attention away from one’s countenance [rather, they direct attention to it.]. These pieces are easy to layer, perfectly dainty, and personify the innocence and elegance of a lady. Over-the-top is out, and underplayed is in.

[ looks I love: one | two | three ]

. . . . . .

> > S I M P L I C I T Y < <

If you haven’t caught it yet in the post, the overall trend of this spring is simplicity. Whether that be with patterns, shapes, or accessories, subtlety is in high demand. I am absolutely in love with it [especially since it makes for an easy wardrobe transition and replicates the lightness of the spring season ]. This season, simplifying will cause you to stand out in the crowd. So ditch the layering and the chunky knits and don the lighter, fresh and blooming ensembles.

> > What simplifying means is being minimalistic but not plain – it’s finding a happy medium between the over-the-top neon and the plainest of pinks. Dewy complexions + makeupless faces; a simple ring on your pinky instead of 4 on one hand; a tee shirt, jeans, and a patterned clutch or an earth-toned sandal with a salmon top + denim. It’s finding that place of feeling free in your outfit and not drowning yourself in patterns, colours + prints. It’s accentuating what you love the most about yourself and not covering and concealing every inch of your beautiful skin.

[ looks I love: one | two | three ]

. . . . . .

Colorwise, the overall favorites of the season include the brightest greens, fresh salmons, deep navy’s, and rich yellows.

. . . . . .

Alright, my most beautiful friends; thus concludes one of the funnest posts I’ve had the privilege of writing + compiling.

You all are beautifully stunning + absolutely divine.



 p.s. how are you simplifying this season? hashtag #simplifywithme so I can see what you’re wearing!


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