gift guide for your girl

Well, it’s that time of the year again!

Pink + red colours are splashed across every billboard, store window, and website. I for one, am taking on the 14th single, but many are anticipating romantic getaways, planning elegant dinners, and/or night’s in. It’s so easy to make gift-giving for your girl way bigger than it really is. Though, we are high-maintenance, the simplest gifts sometimes are the best. So, stop sweating, boys! 10 gift ideas for your loveliest this valentines day.


These heathered grey sweats will keep her warm and on-trend for the last months of cold up ahead.

A chic, bright accessory that’ll keep her cute and cosy.

Treat her to a perfect all-season scent.

A little bit of green never hurt anyone! These are all the rage.

Dainty necklaces – my favorite kind of jewelry, simple + gold [ like this one ]

Chocolate is a girls best friend, always. [ and you can use it right on the spot! ]

Bottanical notebooks for thoughts of whimsy, lists, or notes. [ or all three! ]

This one speaks for itself – a precious reminder to wake up to in the morning.

On the expensive side, leatherwear [ especially Rebecca Minkoff ] will tickle any lady pink.

And shoes! No girl can have too many shoes. Especially this classy pair.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy shopping!




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