courage dear heart

It’s been a long weekend. A good weekend, but a long one. I know it’s only January 20, but I’m already really sleepy and a little bit stressed but I’m learning something. Despite how trying life is, Jesus is always good. So, I had a bad night last night, and I woke up a little bit wearied, but you know what? Jesus is good. And he will always be good, for the rest of my days – every breath I take, every thought I think will be saturated with the goodness of the Almighty.

“Courage, dear heart.” Jesus is near and powerful and good to me in the seasons of drought and monsoons. He saturates every ounce of my being in the happy-clappy seasons and the seasons where tears don’t stop. Waiting is hard and painful.

But Jesus is worth it. He’s worth every ounce of it.

I will wait. I will wait on Him who hears and trust in Him who sees.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

an ootd…because I haven’t posted one in a while and because today seemed like a good outfit kind of day.

@brittanycharis: courage dear heart

Top: American Eagle // Jeans: American Eagle // Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick // Shoe: Keds
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Look to Him who hears, dear heart.

He listens and acts and

L O V E S 

loves you.

and I love you + you + you! [yes you.]




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