a different kind of new years post

For the last two years I have posted new years resolutions [two thousand & thirteen + two thousand & fourteen] and this year, I’ve had a little bit of a change of heart.

Sometimes, I really like to-do lists. I like scrawling “to-do’s” and their deadline so I can easily check them off when they’re completed. This past year, I followed the resolution list to a tee, and am happy to say that all [but maybe 1] were accomplished – yay! …But for 2015, I wasn’t inclined to write the annual ” this year I resolve to” post. Perhaps it’s laziness on my part because of vacation. But… perhaps it is more of a desire to let go of my lists and live.

I don’t want to be tunnel visioned in my motives for activities.

I shouldn’t dance because it’s a New Years resolution…I ought to do it because I want to. I shouldn’t work out because I have to check it off my list.. I should work out because I like the way I feel afterwards, and I want to. In the midst of a hard circumstance, I don’t trust God because I have to, I trust him because I want to. Because I know what it’s like to let go of my plan, and feel the peace of trusting His. This was unsettling to me, because I realized that I was only doing things because I had to.

There is only one resolution I have this year:

I want to let go of the have to’s and embrace the want to’s. 

[now, this is not me saying, don’t have any responsiblity. Rather, I’m saying that the motive behind your decision should not be “because it’s a new years resolution.” Yes-es should be decisions made out of genuine desire not a to do list.]

[disclaimer: the following activities are completely hypothetical]

So, whether that be doing a detox once every two months to cleanse my system.

Or whether that is getting up early thrice a week to do yoga when I wake up.

Or maybe it’ll  be only getting coffee on Saturday’s and Sundays so it becomes more of a treat and less of a necessity.

And perhaps it’ll be having devotions every day because I know that a personal relationship with the Lord is cultivated by repetition.

This year, I resolve to let go of the have to’s. 

Ditch the to-do list. Listen to your heart and just say yes…because you can. [in moderation. don’t do anything absolutely stupid, okay? ♥]

Will you take my hand and go on this adventure with me?

May the Lord empower you, strengthen you. May his face shine upon you this year. May he bring you the peace that surpasses all understanding and give you the courage to embrace your want to’s.




#embracethewanttos on instagram and twitter, and share with me ways you are ditching your to do list!


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