holiday with me | a few of my favorite things

as any Julie Andrews lover, movie-watcher and musical-adorer would – this month I’m showcasing “a few of my favorite things.”
not shown: brown paper packages tied up with string, snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes, and silver white winters that melt into spring 
december 14 faves

1. This book – complete to the brim with beauty, fashion, and wit…parisian style. [I actually found myself laughing out loud!]

2. The only way that winters are bearable. Despite the cold tinged fingers and the red nipped noses, coffee in hand with family surrounding is enough to make my heart warm.

3. Because burberry knows how to make warmth look uber stylish – the class of this scarf is through the roof.

4. This red is the perfect winter accessory. The color draws on the cold by bringing out and accentuating the cooler tones of your skin tone. My fave.

5. The coziest of greys for your toeses this winter.

6. A cool tone for your nails. A neutral, purple varnish that goes well with any outfit.

7. A simple graphic tee, perfect for a blazer, oxford ensemble. [would be amazing for a smart casual new years outfit!]

8. Another simple accessory. A rope bracelet. Perfect for all seasons of the year. Guaranteed to tickle any prepsters heart silly.

9. Anthro has done it again! Perfect for a morning lounging in your favorite plaid pj’s. [Saturday or naught!]

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

You all should be on that list, too.




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