holiday hit list

Well, it’s the day before thanksgiving and the weather outside sure is frightful. It’s been a yucky mix of sleet, snow, rain, and hail since 9am this morning which is proving to be quite a chilly mix. Though the snow has yet to accumulate, the roads are beginning to freeze over and let’s just say, I think that it would be much better to just stay inside in my sweater, leggings, and slippers writing to you guys. So, all that aside. Isn’t vacation just absolutely splendid? I had an absolutely wonderful lie-in this morning just catching up on youtube + social media happenings. After a quick excursion to a nearby coffee shop, my sister and I came home and popped on the tv. There is no school looming over my head [ just a few SAT math problems 🙂 ] and I’m so soaking up this much needed break from the busy-ness of this time of year.

Anyways, now that I’ve downloaded on the happenings of the last 24 hours, I can launch into the topic of the post. [I’m a bit long-winded when it comes to blogging – hehe!] With Christmas fast approaching, Pandora stations are being tuned to Bing Crosby, red and green colours have been splashed across advertisements and jingle bells are heard on every tv commercial. I can’t say I’m upset. Rather, I am quite ecstatic. Christmas [yuletide as it were] provides such an immense warm, fuzzy, joyful feeling, that I can’t help but overlook the craziness of the season and just soak up the joy of it all. With Christmas comes long shopping lists, and lower than normal bank accounts. I know for me, I always like hearing what people are watching/hoping to purchase over the holidays. But, I thought I’d share with you 5 of the items on my holiday hit list [otherwise known as my winter wish list – I thought a hit list sounded way cooler, though. Can I get an mhm?]

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

one | patagonia re-tool snap pullover

first off – this is comfort to the max. I’ve been eyeing the vest for a long while, until I realized that I have too many vests and not enough fleeces. New England in January and February is pretty brutal and once I came to the realization that a vest wouldn’t suffice on the 14° mornings, which is when I started browsing the web for fleeces. And seeing that patagonia is always the way to go, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. I love the raw linen colour.

two | cold hands warm heart mug kate spade

for quite a while now, my favorite cold weather saying is the “cold hands, warm heart” one. I think it totally personifies the season as a whole and so when I saw a bunch of vloggers and beauty bloggers doing ootd’s that included this mug, I fell in love! I love the color blocking and simplicity of all the kate spade products, and seeing that I have a minor coffee obsession I thought this was a good fit.

three | ben rector the walking in between

Oh my goodness, this man knows how to write songs. I can’t tell you how many times in the last few weeks I’ve put on Ben Rector and just allowed myself to chill to the bass lines and acoustic-ness of his music. I so thoroughly enjoy his voice and “the walking in between” is definitely all-around my favorite album.

four | monogram mug by anthropologie

And, in addition to a travel mug, I had to put a real mug on the hit list. Like c’mon. My coffee addiction is almost as real as the addiction to posting pictures of my coffee on instagram 😉 This mug from anthropologie is by far one of my favorite mugs I’ve seen yet. The gold and the white is complimented by the size of the mug and gah – be still my heart! I absolutely adore it. [plus monogrammed everything is pretty much the best thing]

five | vineyard vines graphic long-sleeve tee [men’s]

another preppy love that I have been eyeing all year. I love love love this white henleyesque tee. Since it is a men’s shirt, I can pair it with leggings and jeans and get away with both which is pretty important during the winter months. Though vineyard vines can sometimes run the risk of being too preppy, this shirt is just right. Plus it’s cute and comfy – the best!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

have a wonderful windsday!

and as always…



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snaps from the day:


perfect day for reading…

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and blogging for that matter 🙂

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oh! and buble. don’t forget buble.


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