weekending wears

Well, hello loveliest! It’s been a wonderful weekend, hasn’t it? I had some serious time for r + r this weekend [mostly just watching all the captain america movies…but who cares, right?] and it was the loveliest thing. Sometimes you just have to let your brain do nothing for a solid 6 hours [I can guarantee that you’ll want to do…something afterwards but it’s a start :)] anyways, I’ve basically been living at Target the last few weeks – between the 30 minute breaks at around 4ish and the draw of starbucks, I think I’ve seen all the clearance they’ve had to give [and shopped it too!] . Anyways, I picked up a plaid vest from that very place and I’ve been loving figuring out ways to style it. So far, this has been the winner and I thought y’all would like to see!
weekend wear

Vest: jcrew // Sweater: ScoopNYC // Boot: L L Bean // Jean: J Brand // Clutch: Balenciaga // Hat:  jcrew // Case: kate spade new york // [and you can’t forget the starbucks.]

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

What’s your weekend wear?



Aw, snap! | instagram of the day.


@britt_e: some days are made for ballpoint pens, a hot brew, ben rector, and an appreciation of grey. #vscocam”


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