A girl and the city. {A photo diary}

How are you all on this fine friday?

Well, my NYC excursion came to a close at about 9:00 thursday night. It was one of the saddest feelings leaving a city that you’ve grown fond of, never knowing when you’ll stumble through it’s streets, gazing at the architecture, watching the people, smelling the smells, breathing the air. Quite frankly, I’m ready to go back. But, I thought I’d share with you the backbone of what our trip looked like.

Starting with Wednesday.

I hopped in the car at about 7:00am(which was a feat in and of itself). The weather was dismal and grey and the rain didn’t cease to stop the whole time we were on wheels. At about 9:45 we arrived at the train station.


The architecture was absolutely stunning  – with chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling, and with artfully crafted divets and turns, I enjoyed the half hour wait.

But, it came to a close. And at 10:28 we were on our way.

The train ride was quite long, partially because I was anxious to step foot into the city that never sleeps, partly because we stopped every 10ish minutes to pick up the next crowd of people.

But, I finished up some school work and enjoyed watching the sights go wizzing by, taking note of all that was happening.

And at last, at about 12, we arrived!

Grand Central terminal was stunning. Absolutely gorgeous! I thought the architecture at the first train station was beautiful? Well. Let me tell you – Grand Central is one of the classiest train stations I have ever set foot into. I mean, it helps that parts of gossip girl WERE filmed there, BUT everything about it looked like it was out of an old Hepburn film. Soon enough, though, we were out on the streets, bags and all, umbrellas popped up, trying to guard ourselves from the wind.

In a hilarious whirlwind of attempting to get to a luggage holding area, we ended up stuck in traffic in a taxi, only to have him drop us off, right where we picked it up in the first place. It was a mistake, but, at least we got to dry off. A little. 😉

From there we were off to Broadway. Though it was rainy, the streets had a certain charm, and the hecticity of the city, though overwhelming at times, added for a nice, adventurous flair. And within moments, a dream that I have held for so long, stood right there in front of me in big white letters – Wicked; Gerswhin Theater.

We’d arrived.

Soon enough, we were in the theater. Again, admiring the structures, the curtains, the lights, all of it.



(just try to overlook the people in front of us – I was too lazy to crop!)


The show was unlike anything I’d ever seen.

Jaw-dropping from the time the curtain was up, leaving you in utter disbelief throughout the whole thing.

In fact, when it finished, I just kind’ve sat there in amazement at what I’d just seen. If you’ve never heard of wicked, search it up. The recording artist for the album was Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth – gives you an idea of how talented these people have to be. If you’re wondering, my favorite songs are this one and this one.

After the show, we gathered our senses and headed on to dinner. We stopped at a cosi and got some hot food, seeing that it was cold and rainy enough that we could see our breath 🙂

From there we went on to our sleeping accomodations! We got there, dried off, and then headed back out for a bite to eat because, well, our soup and salads didn’t last long at all!

So, we headed off to this adorable store called the paper source and then headed on to starbucks to get a sweet.


Thursday morning dawned bright and early – I was up at the crack of dawn, amazed that I was sleeping in the city of lights.

We had high hopes for the day, which were quickly met with the prospect of sunshine!

Mom and I woke up super hungry, so we headed out and stopped at a cafe.

It was the absolute cutest! The decor, the people, this was the moment I fell in love with the city.

iced coffee and a bagel. nothing better.

From there we went back to the place we stayed at and checked out and then we were off to the fashion district!

I’m just gonna insert pictures from the stores – they’re quite self explanatory, so I won’t be detailing these. 🙂

 I so thoroughly enjoyed this city, and am already looking forward to going back.

I wanna be part of it! New York, New york.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥




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