For the one who needs inspiration ♥ Monday Musings

Hello, doll. 

Thanks for joining me today. 

Sometimes I imagine you all sitting at your breakfast table reading my posts with a cup of coffee in hand, as sunlight streams through the windows illuminating the steam that’s wisps travel up to your face, carrying their scent to you. And other times I imagine you guys reading once you’ve finished a long, hard Monday that bore no sunshine, no coffee, and no breakfast. For me, Mondays can be pretty bipolar. I wake up in the morning feeling really refreshed (weird, I know!), and then slowly but surely my day heads downhill. Other days, I wake up mopey, annoyed and tired, and my day becomes terrific. There’s one thing I apply during the day, and it’s this: Having a bad attitude towards your day is only gonna make it worse. Some people face Monday’s with dread and angst as they know that they, indeed, have to go back to school. Let me tell you, that doesn’t help ANYTHING. You’re day is only as good as you let it be. 

This doesn’t mean pasting a fake smile on your face and walking into school with an artifical “Wow, I’m so happy to be here!” It means looking at all the things that have gone right, and not at the nitty gritty wrongs.

So, it’s the beginning of the week. It’s a Monday. It’s the first day of a much dreaded-

Stop right there. 

It’s a Monday. You’ve gotten through the hardest day of the week. You got to school and back without being in a car accident. You had food today. You’re breathing. You are loved by the creator of the stars.

You have to understand that words (and thoughts) have a lot more power than you think. Taking the “bad thoughts” out of your head, and putting in good ones can turn around your whole day. 

If you want faith for Mondays, you have to realize that words have a stronger effect than you realize. 

#Inspiration #Faith #Quote #KCM.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How is this even possible?

I’ll tell you. It’s Jesus. 

It’s his love, peace, mercy, and grace that get me through my Mondays, put a spring in my step, and carry me through. (Isaiah 43:1-2)

Let me tell you, you’re not going at this alone. I’m in the same boat – I have to wake up Monday morning and say to myself ” God is bigger than my Monday.” And then proceed knowing that he’s giving me strength to do so – believing that he’s giving me the strength to do so. 

A little optimism for your Monday <3

Look to him who created the sunshine, and let all the shadows fall behind you. 

And I’m gonna call it right now – you’re gonna have a fabulous week.

Happy Monday!






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