the happiness of the season

Hi Dolls!

It’s been a while since I just did a random happiness post! The last few updates have just been quick outfit of the day’s, and so I thought I’d drop in today and share with you some random happiness’ that have been scattered throughout my week. We got a huge dumping of snow last night, which unfortunately is rapidly melting this morning, BUT, I spent the evening wrapping presents, catching up on the weeks happenings with the snow coming down in vast amounts outside my window.


I found a recipe for the “perfect hot chocolate!” I have yet to try it,  but, this picture is literally one of the cutest recipe covers ever. 🙂

It's Boot Season: Snow Is Coming

This outfit is literally perfect for the snow! It looks a teensy bit on the under dressed side, but, I love the idea of wearing a neutral scarf and hat to accommodate. 🙂

Greece // this place is a dream. I mean, just look at that water.

I have been longing to soak up the sun as the weather has turned cold – pinterest doesn’t help any in that, the pictures of Greece are flawless and capture the essence of it so well. Greece has always been a dream of mine, now, especially. Take me there, please?

Cinnamon Roll Cake // pinterest always makes me so stinking hungry

As Christmas nears, I have had such a strange desire to bake. I found this recipe on Pinterest (Like everything else!) and have it on my “to do” list. 🙂

this just makes me smile

And lastly, I love love love this graphic.

I’ll be celebrating my birthday this tuesday, so I’m hunkering down with my fuzzy socks to eat some quality cake

Happy Sunday!





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