adding my own flair

It’s been pretty crazy these past few weeks! I apologize for not posting sasquatch (nothing. zilch. nada. you get the point.) I have been in the midst of a giant stage production – I’m Lina in Singing in the Rain – and that and school have been taking up the majority of my time. What little time I have left at the end of that is for sleeping :). Anyways, the performance is tomorrow & Saturday night, so hopefully life will calm down soon….but then again, it’s highschool so I’m not really expecting much of anything. BUT, enough said, just wanted to share with you what I wore today. 🙂

I’ve been trying to switch up my jeans lately. I usually just throw on some skinnies, but, I purchased a pair of boyfriend-like ones, and dug out some tasteful flares from my closet. It’s been getting super cold in New England, so I paired the flares with a long-sleeved pink/taupe striped shirt and a knitted infinity scarf. 

ImageTop: Old Navy // Jean: Kohls // Scarf: JCPenney // Flat: Dexflex by Payless

Alright, I think that’s it lovelies! Wish me luck for tomorrow!




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