a little bit about fall in new england

The brisk autumn breeze tickles my hair, the smell of burning leaves wafting into my nose, and the chill of fall creeping up my spine. I pull my sweater tighter around my neck in an attempt to trap what little heat escapes from my already chilly body. Children laugh as the leaves crunch beneath their tiny feet and the young at heart smile in memory of years past, of childhood long gone, and of the smiles that still do appear on their faces when indeed the leaves crunch beneath their once small feet. It’s a beautiful sight – the reds of the darkest fire, the oranges of the most brilliant sunset, the yellows of the sun and the backdrop of the stunningly blue sky with little to no clouds hanging there. This is fall in New England. Peak week, some call it. The week where every tree seems to be a different, more brilliant color. When 295N is not just a highway but a masterpiece – a painting created before the dawn of time for us to experience.


One of my most favorite things about fall in New England is how cozy you feel when the world around you is cold, brisk, in a colorful turning to the hard, unmoving(or so it seems) winter months. Here you are, with toes as cold as the ice cubes in your freezer, with a sweater around your shoulders, blanket draped over your lap, the hot drink of choice in your frozen fingers, love overflows from you, those around you, everyone. There’s an almost familiar, family like quality of autumn. Corn maze advertisements, hay rides, apple picking, noses as red as those apples you’re picking. It’s such a glorious thing, the first time you are able to see your breath waft up in {hopefully} minty curliques around you.

This is fall in New England.

This is why it’s my favorite.

Sweater weather. Hot chocolate weather. Pumpkin spice weather. Frozen toes weather.

It’s what I live for.




p.s. because this isn’t that much of a fashion-y post. here’s my favorite way to stay warm and cute in the fal

l. 🙂

fall casual with a hint of glamour

If you wanna check out other outfits I’ve created on polyvore click here to be redirected to my profile.


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