theatre theatre theatre

I had theatre all day yesterday. I awoke at 7:30, hopped in the shower and did as much school as I could fit within 3 hours. Did a mental bag check.

Coffee, script, water, pencil.

And then I looked at my closet, hoping that new clothes would miraculously appear. It was a chilly-ish,  weatherman said there would be a high of 65 degrees so I decided to put my best fall foot forward and just go for a autumn-y look.


top: old navy // jeans: kohls // scarf: paris // boots: charlotte russe

It was so cozy to be in a thermal and boots! It definitely reinstilled my love of this brisk weather/time of year. I am so excited for colder weather, breaking out the sweaters, and donning the beanies. 🙂 Yesterday was probably the first day that I’ve worn a cold weather outfit and not been hot so YAY!

Okay, autumn lovers. Happy weekend!



p.s. I’m hoping to work on a longer post for you all in the next couple of days – so definitely comment down below if you have any thing you want me cover.


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