everyone needs some autumn in their life

Hello my blog friends!

This past week, the weather, the colors of the leaves and even the food I’ve been eating, has been resembling that of the fall. Whether it’s flannel pajamas, the 38° night, the red oak trees on the highway, or the soups that have been in my bowl – it’s put me in an autumn-y mood! Today, I wanted to show you the pieces of clothing that I’m on the lookout for and/or excited to style and use this fall!

First, leopard flats. Can I just say that these are my absolute favorite?! They go with almost anything – patterns included – and can also be used in a casual outfit and/or a dressy one! I’m on the hunt for low-priced ones. When I find them, they will be mine.

I’ve been eyeing this simple leather tote. Now, unfortunately, they no longer have this bag, HOWEVER, I love the simplicity and versatility of this bag and have been on the lookout for a less-expensive look-alike! Isn’t the color of this perfect for all seasons though? I love this dusky color.

I’ve also been loving this look. A bright, jeweled, statement piece with a casual plaid. It’s such a fantastic mix of casual and dressy and can easily be worn in situations with either! I think this would look fabulous with some dark wash jeans and flats. 🙂

One of the colors that I’ve been adoring this fall, is dark crimson! Now, I have a wet & wild one that I’ve been using, but I could not find it online! However, OPI has a nail polish that is basically the same color – different bottle shape, different brand! This color is so autumn-esque and is a classy way of incorporating some fall spirit into an outfit!

These sunglasses are perfect for the autumn months.

I’m absolutely loving the baseball t-shirt thing going around! This tee from american eagle is fabulous! I’m definitely on the lookout for one of these 🙂

And lastly, these gloves are so classy, so warm, and are stylin’ for the fall months!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Okay, that’s it dolls! Sorry I’ve been a little bit MIA lately. I honestly had no idea what to write about!

Lemme know in the comments if you have any suggestions or want me to cover anything 🙂

Love you muchly & happy wednesday!




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