Agenda + Organization

Hello, dolls!

Can you believe it’s September? The summer is over and call me crazy I’m so excited to be back in school. Not because I like school, because if it was between school and shopping you guys know which one I’d pick ;). I get so excited to be back in a routine. I get to see my friends more than I have in the summer, and of course, who DOESN’T get excited about sweater weather?! I mean, c’mon. You’re lying to yourself if you don’t get super hyped about it. Anyways, with the turning of the months, the new arrivals in your wardrobe, and the ending of the first week of school, comes the laziness. I know for me, in past years, after the first couple of days have passed, I’ve gotten very passive with my school. More so, in how I use my agenda. Today, I am going to talk to you all about how I organize my school work in a way that keeps me motivated, makes me happy and is adorable.


♥ You need a cute, functional agenda.

This year, I purchased the Lilly Pulitzer agenda (ranging from $17-34) and so far, I am incredibly happy with the functionality and the cuteness of it! However, if you don’t like the whole preppy thing I would also suggest the Kate Spade agendas(Which are almost double what you pay for a LP one-$49). They definitely aren’t as fun (meaning, they don’t have bright colors like Lilly’s do), but they’re a little bit more on the chic side.


I want to warn you guys that if you are interested in buying a “cute” agenda, you are going to have to pay a bit of money. Especially if it’s a designer label. You can easily find a plain black agenda and decorate it for under $10, but, it’s not going to have the same vibes that the others do.


my lilly agenda. 


And for function, I prefer agendas that have a month-by-month set up as well as a day-by-day. Both Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer have these.The primary reason for this is so you can have a calendar for your everyday life whilst being able to have enough room to write down homework assignments of the day. I find that it’s much easier when they’re laid out like that!


tabs that help you know where everything is! 🙂

♥Color Coordination

Color coordination is the easiest way to get the most out of your agenda. I usually use colored pencils and/or markers I find around the house BUT gel pens are definitely an even better way of using your planner. I recommend these  pens or these flairs. 

Write down your subjects in the designated colors to save space. 🙂 Works like a dream! 




Now onto organization of the school in your agenda.

In the Lilly agenda, there are two sets of monthly calendars, there are all 16 months at the beginning next to each other, but once you get to the individual months they have the monthly spread before the day-by-day layout of the month. I use the first of the two monthly layouts for my everyday life, as my calendar, and the second, I lay out school activities, when projects/papers are due, etc (not homework though!)


month layout (or part of it, for that matter.)



day by day layout.

I would recommend that you don’t immediately put your homework directly onto your agenda. I usually have index cards, and I jot the homework on there. The reason I say this is that in order to pay attention in class you shouldn’t be laying out your week there. I wait until I get home to do all that.

The next thing I recommend is to organize your work so you have equal parts each day. Take what your assigned and divided it by 5 so that you have the same amount of the subject every day. This helps with stress, over-exertion, and to just keep everything maintained so you can come into class prepared!

Also, another helpful, and mundane recommendation is to use a highlighter to cross of your work. For me, it’s super nice to feel like I’ve actually accomplished something SO I use a nice bright pink highlighter. 🙂


ALSO, if you don’t have enough room in your agenda, I would suggest post-it notes on the day you have to do the stuff – this particular time, I just wanted all my assignments for one class on a postit note so I wouldn’t forget anything!)

aaaaaaand that’s basically it guys! I know it’s not crazy helpful, but these are just some things that I do to help myself be organized. 🙂

Happy Saturday, lovely!





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