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july favorites

Hi dolls!

Can you believe it’s August? Honestly, the month of July flew by and I cannot believe here we are ushering in the month before school starts up again. Although, I can’t say I’m crazy sad to see the summer go because, fall is my favorite favorite time of the year. Anyways, as I sat down with my fashion journal this week and looked through some blog post ideas I stopped upon the line that read Monthly Favourites. This month, I have come across a bunch of new things, and I decided to share some of my favorites! I know it’s something that a lot of beauty gurus’s on youtube do, but, I thought, why not a blogger? It’s helpful for me to see what has worked for people so I hope you guys enjoy!

Alright, so I’m going to start off with fashion 🙂


Linen shirt. I purchased mine at Forever 21 for about $22.00 (which is a pretty good price for them!) and it’s the perfect dress up, dress down item and I’ve worn it {at least} once a week since I bought it (with different accessories, don’t worry)

As for accessories, I’ve been loving loafers for the month of July! I purchased mine at H & M on the clearance rack for $7 (CAN I GET A WOOP WOOP FOR BARGAIN SHOPPING?!) Unfortunately, because they’re not J Crew quality, I did have to suffer through some bad blisters on my heel, but, now I can wear them without my feet being totally pinched causing me to hobble across the street.

This month, I’ve been embracing my inner prepster (at least with my internet lust) and I’ve been eyeing a lot of Lilly stuff! Although, I wouldn’t put on one of her signature statement dresses, I love her bright colors, and her happy sayings on everything. Like, I mean c’mon guys, how cute is this


With my makeup, I have been simply adoring COVERGIRL’s Clump Crusher in black. It lengthens your eyelashes without mascara blobs on them & with minimal eyelash stick-age. It’s also been awesome having a mascara that comes off when you get in the shower, but stays on if you cry (OR laugh so hard you cry, your choice. :)). The mascara definitely lives up to it’s name and I would highly suggest it!

My favorite nail polish this month has been Girl Talk (Nicole by OPI) and Forever 21’s Sky Blue Nail Lacquer (So original…not.) They’re both gorgeous colors that I have been adoring!


As for random favorites, the past few weeks I have been LOVING chobani greek yogurt with granola. It works for breakfast, lunch, or snack! 🙂 In fact, yesterday I ate the yogurt and chips for lunch and was set for the afternoon! It is a great source of protein and is healthy with no additives or artificial preservatives! As for Starbucks drinks, the past few weeks I have been LOOOOOVINNNNGG the White Chocolate Mocha frappes! It has enough espresso in it that it gives you a kick, while still making you feel like a girl. My Mom and I call them “Candy Bar Drinks” because, in the end, that’s pretty much what they are. 🙂

This month, I’ve been reading a TON more fashion blogs on here! Definitely my favorite is http://aprettypennyblog.com/. Keira is adorable, and open, and has a fantastic sense of style! Definitely check her out. 🙂

And for books, I’ve been going through the Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella. They are hysterical and I find myself chuckling at the situations Becky gets herself into! They can get a little repetitive but, the plots are pretty different and good! They’re a great, clean, mature, comedy read – perfect for the beach. 🙂

My favorite app this month has been Afterlight. I love editing my pictures on there and although it’s $.99 it’s definitely worth it 🙂 {Also, if you hashtag your picture with #afterlight it gets a lot of publicity! Just a random thought…)

As for songs…basically everything off of Surfer’s Paradise by Cody Simpson. I adore his voice and the vibe he gives off. Summertime of Our Lives has been the soundtrack of my summer. So, dear Cody, well done, mate. It’s fantastic.

Annnnnnd my favorite movie is Monster’s University! It was such a good prequel and they definitely did the original justice. ALSO, it has a great message for the little guys. 🙂 Definite must see.


OK! That’s it! 🙂

I hope you guys have been having the summertime of your lives. ♥

Love you all so much!




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