my favorite summer [pe]plum

Hi Dolls! 

Today was a somewhat  busy day for me, I was up and babysitting by 9:15 & then by 12 I was home, and now I’m packing my bags for an overnight at a friends house. My sister and I recently had a shopping date at the mall and I picked up a few (Okay, 3. Crazy, I know!) things while I was there. 2 of the three were under $10 🙂 Also, I found out I can type 79wpm? Like…oh! Does anyone know if that’s good? I mean, I feel like it is, but, I thought 58,000 on temple run was a GREAT score and I was a pro at it…yeah, no.

Anyways, I took some mirror pictures [Because the sister was out] to show you guys my outfit today! 🙂Image

Alright so, my white cotton peplum is from h&m. [I purchased it in the spring for about $12.00. Steal!] And my jeans are Kohls jeggings. [I buy all my jeans from Kohls. Don’t judge. :)]


ImageOne of the reasons why I purchased this peplum in the first place was because of how under the radar the actual peplum is. It’s not an in your face fabric over hang, which I appreciate. Although I do find the ones with the, “Oh look! She’s wearing a peplum!” pretty, I much prefer the look of this. Simple and classic. Something I can wear when and if the Peplums go out of style and people won’t be cringing at how “out of style” my shirt is! [SO 2013…ew.]


My SUPER CUTE turquoise & Navy blue loafers are from H&M. If you follow my account on instagram, you know I was kind’ve freaking out at the fact that I bought these for…drum roll please….SEVEN DOLLARS. 7 DOLLARS. They were originally 28, and I had just been in forever 21, which had a cheaper black and white version and they were 28, and I went to the next store over and BOOM there they were. Their price tag was shining. Gleaming. A bright red & white $7. It comes to show you that impulse buying isn’t always best. Image

Lastly, my bracelet is from a boutique in Mystic. 🙂 My friend bought it for me while she was vacationing there and it pretty much never leaves my wrist the whole summer. :)\

Alright, that’s it, guys! 

Happy Wednesday. 🙂







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