♥Summer Lovin’ : My Favorite Summer Smoothie ♥

Hi loves!

Today is the final installment of my Summer series! For the last post, I decided to do something fun! So, here’s the recipe to my favorite Summer Smoothie. 🙂

Very-Berry Smoothie

What You’ll Need:

♥1/2 cup Vanilla Yogurt

♥1/2 cup milk

♥1/2-1 cup berries

♥1/2 tablespoon honey

Here’s how you do it:

♥Combine Yogurt, Milk, and Honey – blend until thoroughly mixed

♥Add berries & blend until smooth.

Bon apetit!

It’s super to the point and takes maybe 5-7 minutes max. I love having it for breakfast because it is so filling and delicious!

As for this Summer Series, it’s been tons of fun to compile all my favorite Summer things for you all and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have!

Let me know in the comments what you thought of it and/or what you want my next Summer Series to be! I would be very interested in knowing! 🙂

Talk soon, dearies!



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