♥ Summer Lovin’ : 10 Fashion Must-haves for Summer ♥

Hi dolls.  🙂

For the 5th post of my Summer series, I wanted to show you all my 10 fashion must haves! It’s pretty self-explanatory so I don’t think it requires much of a intro. 🙂


I got my fedora in late May, and I’m telling you, it was the best idea ever! I’ve legitimately worn it at least twice a week. It’s an adorable accessory, goes with everything, and is good for the days spent in the hot sun! I got this one at forever 21 for about $12 & it’s definitely a good thing to have on hand this summer. 🙂

♥Maxi Dress ♥

During the hot, steamy summer months it is so hard to find clothes that are cool and comfortable while still looking cute.  I purchased a similar maxi dress to this one last year and I find that it is perfect dress up, dress down kind’ve dress and it is very comfortable for the hot july days! {My dress that I purchased last year can be seen in the recent post, 3 ootd’s} 

♥Crossbody Purse♥

I know for me, when I’m walking around town on a hot, humid, summer day, I find that I don’t really want to have big purses like I do in the winter. I’ve really been enjoying this purse from target{was shown in my What’s in my Purse?  post}  – It is essentially a water resistant purse, although, it sat in water at the Devon Horse Show in the beginning of June and it got soaked. But, if you get stuff on it, it’s easy to sponge off because it’s a vinyl material. But I also have been eyeing brown satchel, over the shoulder purses like this one because they are lighter and can be transitioned easily from summer to fall and winter.

♥T-Strap Sandal♥

Since their arrival in the fashion world, I’ve been loving T-strap sandals. Although they do not have any arch support, they are pretty comfy! I wear mine all the time and get really good use out of them whatever the outfit is – whether I’m wearing them with boyfriend jeans and a tank, or a fancier dress. I’ve had my eye on these ones, but I own these and wear them to death!


Keds are definitely a fashion staple for summer. Whether you are buying the real deal or the fake ones from Target, they are the easiest sneaker to wear! I got mine from Target for about $6 in February and have basically worn ’em out! {Well, not really, but you get my point. :)} They basically go with everything and can make any outfit casual. 🙂 {I could not find them online but they’re in almost every Target store!}

♥Cotton Peplum♥

Cotton peplum’s are perfect for the summer months! It’s a fashionable top but they are also are made of what fashion people call “Breathable Fabric” meaning, they are lightweight and don’t retain the heat inside of them! I got mine from H&M and It’s been an awesome summer pick. 🙂 {Again, I couldn’t find it on their website…}

♥Boyfriend Jeans♥

Oh my goodness. These past few months I have been wearing my boyfriend jeans to death. They are baggy {which makes them SUPER comfy} and super in right now! It’s hard to find the perfect amount of bagginess to suit your frame, but, once you do, there are endless ways you can style them! I bought mine – which aren’t really considered “Boyfriend” jeans but fit me just the same – from Kohls! {You can see them in my previous Summer Outfit Ideas  post – first outfit }

♥Loose Tanks ♥

I have been looooving loose tank tops for the summer! Today I’m wearing a Hanes shirt that  I cut the sleeves off of and put a bandeau underneath! They are effortless and are a good way to be fashionable while still being comfortable. I love this one from Brandy!

♥White Jeans ♥

White jeans are my absolute favorite! I’ve been wearing mine as much as I possibly can – which is hard considering the fact that every time I wear them I somehow get tomato on them…#messygirlprobs… I usually wear mine with a dressy bright colored tank, like the one in my last  post, with some nice heels. I love how long they make legs look! I got mine at JCP by rewind, these are by Arizona but they look very similar.

♥Nude Pumps ♥

You guys must have been expecting these. I literally wear these shoes SO much. The ones I got from Olsenboye by JCPenney are the perfect height and go with almost EVERYTHING! I definitely reccomend buying nude pumps, whatever they cost. They are such a good, timeless investment. These are my favoriteeeee. 🙂

A little side note on these, they look so short in this picture. But they give you a good 3 1/2 -4 inches. So, yeah.

Alright my babes!

Only one more post left of my summer series, I hope you all have enjoyed it, and the last one is going to be a food one!

Talk in a few!




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