♥ Summer Lovin’ : Acne-free Summer Skincare Routine! ♥

Hello, lovey!

Welcome to the second post in my new summer series!

We all know how hard it is to maintain a breakout-less face during the hot, sweaty summer months when you lather your face up with oily suntan lotion almost daily! Last year, I had the hardest time getting my skin to clear up after using suntan lotion whose oil would sink deep into my already clogged pores and the red pimples would last weeks. It was not fun. But, after much experimenting, I have found a few home remedies that keep my skin clear! So, let’s hop right in.

The first thing I’m going to suggest to you is probably the hardest out of all of them. This past winter I struggled with anxiety, and because I have a faulty digestive system, anxiety just heightened the reactions to some foods. After testing, they told me to stay off gluten (i.e. rye, wheat and other grains) and dairy. A week later, my skin had cleared up! Because milk and gluten nowadays is so highly processed it can affect the inflammation of your skin & oil glands. So, my first skin tip for you is:

Try a gluten/milk free diet for 2 weeks and see if your skin clears up. 


A way of maintaining your skin is by scrubbing your face/inflamed areas with baby shampoo. Because it has a natural chemical in it that is anti-inflammatory, it brings down the irritation in your skin and can give you great results! i found that even the St. Ives breakout tamer did ZILCH for my skin. I use the Johnson and Johnson Tear-Free baby shampoo. Wash every night before bed with a washcloth and you should notice a difference in your skin in 2-3 days!

Clean skin every night (and morning – optional) with baby shampoo!


After my evening shower and after washing my face with the baby shampoo, I do what I call the Miracle Face mask! What you’ll need for this are:

3 Asprin tablets

1/2 tsp of honey

1 tsp cold water

You crush up the asprin into a powder and pour into a bowl. (I usually put it in a sandwich bag and then hammer it with a spoon since i do not have a mortar and pestle. Then, add the honey and water and stir until it becomes a paste. {if it is more water-y that is fine! It does the same thing as it would as a paste. Apply the paste to your face/affected area and leave until it feels as though your face might crack if you move it. {Should be approx. 10 minutes} then rinse off. The cool thing about this face mask is that you can leave it on for as little or as long as you want! The longer you leave it on, the better the results. I had it on for an hour once because I was too lazy to get up and wash it off and I awoke the next morning with little-no acne!

The Miracle Face Mask actually does miracles on your face! So, apply when you so desire, before an event or just because you are uncomfortable in your own skin, and you WILL see results!

The last and probably my favorite of the 4 that I am sharing with you is EYE DROPS! I’m 95% positive that you have some somewhere in your house. Eye drops have an anti-inflammatory in them, to help your eyes stop itching or relieve dryness/redness etc. Because of this, applying eye drops to a irritated area brings down the redness! After doing the Miracle Face Mask, use a Q-tip to apply the eye drops to angry areas. Apply as little or as much as you want,  whenever you want! Because, like I said before, the more, the better! The next morning the redness should have gone down!

Apply eye drops to inflamed areas to diminish the redness.

So, that’s it! Your guide to flawless skin for the summer!

I hope this has been helpful!

Happy summer 🙂



disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that these will work for you; i am only sharing what has worked for me!


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