mid-week randomness

For the last 2 weeks of school, my school does a sort’ve fun school where, for credits, you take on a subject of your choice (i.e. camping, boatbuilding) and you learn about it for 2 weeks! I chose photography and for the past 3 days I’ve taken probably 1500+ pictures šŸ™‚ Anyways, wanted to share a few random things I’ve found this week!


This quote though. for anyone who has ever dealt with a breakup or a bad relationship (with friends or a significant other, and it’s ended bad? this is precisely the feeling.)


How gorgeous is this wedding ring? When (& if) I get married, I will definitely be happy with whatever my man picks me out, but, can we all just take a minute to admire the gorgeousness in this? ugh. so pretty.


This baby though. Like, the cuteness is just, I can’t. The cheeks. The smile. The pudge. So cute. (ALSO,not quite sure why it’s so much tinier than the other ones?)


Going to try making these this week with Bread glazed with olive oil (Pan seared), mozerella, yellow tomatoes and basil!


In love with this outfit. I love the comfort and to totally easy look of this! Such a great evening on the beach outfit!

Happy Wednesday, my dears!




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