What’s in my purse?

Hi my gorgies!

It’s May, can you believe it? For me, the month of April absolutely flew by but dragged on at the very same time and now, we’re a mere 4-4 1/2 weeks away from completing school year 2012-2013. If this is what senioritis feels like I have a premature case. I WANNA BE FREEE! anyways, I saw a blog post version of the “What’s In My Purse” tag that went around youtube and I thought I’d join in the fun! {Thanks for the idea, Mandie!} So, let’s hop right into it. 🙂

My purse is from Target. I really adore this bag with its black and white loveliness and it fits right into the trend that I talked about last week! 🙂 It was 14.99 on clearance which in my books is basically one step away from heaven on a rack. It has a lot of compartments inside and feels really comfortable hanging off your shoulder. I would definitely recommend it! {Here is the link.}

Next I have a few small, random things that are vitally nessecary to have in a purse. So, I got my careone bandaids, alcohol wipes{for a pimple that just happens to make it’s appearance when I DON’T need it…then again. I never need pimples.}, meds upon the unhappy scenario where I have a cold and my mind is elsewhere and I forget to pack my medicine{I also have some vitamins with me along with the cold medicine.} And a pen.

The two items that I pull out most often are my eos and my hand lotion. For 2 reasons, both very similar. My eos for when my lips are dry OR I just need something to do OR I just need something nice to smell. Complex, I know. That’s my life in a nutshell. Basically. The lotion is for when my hands are dry OR I just need something to do OR I just need something nice to smell. Basically the same answer except with hands and lotion instead of lips and eos. Yeah. SEE? My life.

sunflower lotion – Kohls; EOS – Target

Lastly and MOST IMPORTANTLY, my sunglasses. Gosh. I love these sunglasses. They were $4 at Charlotte Russe and I love the color and how the inside is yellow and the way they look. But, probably my favorite part is the case. The Chanel case is from Nordstrom and it was gifted to me by my aunt who affectionately calls it the “BOOB case” because the bottom of it has two lumps on the bottom. Yeah. That’s my family and i love them very much. 🙂

Case in all of it’s glory. Sigh. It’s so beautiful.

Case in all of it’s glory opened to show the glory inside of it.

Sunglasses in all their glory even though they basically do nothing to protect my eyes from the sun and are only there to serve as eye candy for myself and others.

ha. get it. eye candy. sunglasses cover your eyes.



okay. no. i’ll stop.

{also, i was layingdown to take this picture. see what I do for you all?}


Alright, that is my purse and all of it’s contents!


Disclaimer. Not shown are the necessary feminine hygiene products that every lady has to have. This is only in italic print because it makes me seem more profesh and it also makes people get annoyed because i just keep going and going  and going and going and i keep saying going about going and going about nothing in particular and SEE. i told you so.


That is all lovelies!

I love you all, and I hope you have a fantastic day because you, my darling, are absolutely splendid.




2 thoughts on “What’s in my purse?

  1. omg the sunglasses case is beautiful O.O btw i LOOVE your purse! I actually almost got that one before! 🙂

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