Morning Routine

well, hi. πŸ™‚

This weekend, I decided, after much thought, that every other week I would do fashion related posts & every other week i’ll do lifestyle/random musing related posts. So, since last week I did 2 fashion posts, this week I’ll be posting 2 random/spontaneous posts. Today, I wanted to show you all what my morning routine is. I’m going to warn you, that my morning routine is not very interesting. ugh. oh well! Alright. let’s doo thiisss. πŸ™‚

First thing I do in the morning is well, I wake up. haha, but seriously. I do! School starts around 8:00am for me, so, I get up around 7:15am{I shower the night before}.

The ACTUAL first thing I do is put on my uniform. I know, you guys. Uninteresting, right?Β Image

So, yeah. This is my uniform in all it’s beautiful glory. The plaid skirt & the polo. so chic. JUST KIDDING. {i’m literally in the weirdest mood.}

Second thing I do in the morning is usually, brush out my hair and throw it up into some kind of mess on my head. {Most of the time it’s a side braid or bun.} Then apply deodorant. Does anyone else have this gross problem where they sweat 99.99% more when they’re at school? Just me? oh. okay.Β Image

Next, I eat my breakfast which usually consists of some dry cereal & water. {AGAIN, uninteresting. I’m sorrryyyyy. ;/}


Then I brush my teeth, so that I don’t have any junk stuck in my teeth when I leave the house.

Pictured below is, surprise, surprise, MY TOOTHBRUUUSHH. DUH DUH DUH DUUUHHHH. πŸ˜‰


Then I apply my makeup. So, first, I put on my concealer which is the Covergirl + Olay Undereye spot concealer stick in Light/Fair.


Then, mascara. Which I somehow forgot to get a picture of. But, I use Covergirl lash exact in Black. I have yet to try out the ClumpCrusher. On my to do list. πŸ™‚

I then apply some blush. In the summer I usually skip this step because I’m not super pasty in the summer. But, I use, Covergirl{notice a theme?} blush in 590.


That’s basically what I do for my everyday makeup. I don’t do too much unless I have a big event to go to.

I spritz myself with B&BW’s Paris Amour which is definitely my favorite perfume from them. It’s very sophisticated and girly and lovely.


Finally, I grab my backpack and head out the door to school.


Well, there you have it! My morning routine.

I hope some of you found this helpful and/or interesting in someway.

I love you all!




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