on trend: black & white

Well, hello there!

How are you doing on this fine, fine day?

It’s been incredibly sunny in these parts this week and I’m officially in that “summer lust” state of mind. Shorts and flip flops have been donned and I’m pretty darn psyched to say that I feel like New England has made the switch from winter to spring. {watch. it’s going to snow soon. just because i said that.} I’ve been insanely obsessed with my Polish Secret Story by essie. It’s such a rich color, and I’m in LOOOOOVEEE! 🙂 Today, as I’m currently obsessed with any and all things having to do with spring/summer, I wanted to talk to you about a current fashion fad/trend.

drum roll pleaseeee….


Now, I’m sure you’ve basically seen all of your favorite bloggers/youtubers doing lookbooks/going over this topic. And yes, to answer your question, I’m jumping on the bandwagon about 2 weeks late.

it’s okay. it’s really okay. i accept your sympathy. But, I’ve seen so many cute looks so, I had to jump onto wordpress and share my favorites with my favorite people!

spring fashion trend 2013

First of all, I’m not entirely sure WHY they picked black and white to be a spring trend. I mean, when I think spring I think pastels and bright colours and whatnot. So, when I saw how much popularity black&white items of clothing were getting I was intrigued. Upon further investigation, I realized alot of the clothing had spring-y patterns on it, and I was genuinely surprised to find myself liking almost EVERYTHING I was seeing and I thought it was very fitting for Spring. So, for the people who are questioning everyone’s sanity on this whole b&w spring trend thing. It’s totally cool. I was there. Last week.


I’m just going to jump right in and show you some of my favorite items & look books. 🙂


These shorts are absolutely adorable. I’m in love with the small cuff on the bottom. This would be really cute with a loose, bright solid coloured tee.

This studded chiffon shirt is SO cute! I love loose, lightweight/light coloured shirts for the summer because they’re breezy, easy to accessorize, and super cute!

This purse I actually own and it’s super adorable and easy to pair with, and it’s very classy. It was definitely a good buy.

These leopard print shoes are super versatile and chic and SO CUTE. {I feel like I’ve said that too many times..} I would probably pair them with a sheer white top and dark wash skinnies with a nice array of silver bangles.


favorite lookbook! – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyqAHCS2h_I – by the one and only meredith foster.


that’s it!

comment below your picks for the black and white trend.





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