a girls guide to de-stressing.

Hi lovelies!

Well, I’m not going to lie to you. This week has been rough, today being the worst of all. I got a few bad grades on a test, and then to top all of the tiredness and the math test and the bad classes, I was awarded comforting my best friend who was having a hard time with a detention. Thankfully, the teacher came to her senses, and changed it to a warning. But still, I was so shaken up over it being the closest i’ve ever come to a detention, I shook like a leaf, and pinched myself so hard it left marks. I had a lotttt of trouble holding it together so when i was FINALLY picked up i broke down to my mom who reasured me that “detentions aren’t the end of the world, sweetheart. you learn your lesson and that’s that!” with a follow up from me of, “i’m not going back there” & “i’m so done.” upon further consideration, i decided to go home and de-stress.

so, here i am, taking a break from the usual fashion-related posts to tell you just how i do it.{and you can too!}

Step 1: Get your feelings out.

No matter how much you eat or how long you stay in that bath or shower, it will relax you, sure, but in the end, your feelings will be bottled up and leaving them like that can lead to an even bigger mental breakdown. So, go to your room{or somewhere you can be alone}, close the door,  lay down on your bed, bury your head in your pillow and scream it out. {or do whatever you need to to get rid of the feelings} Once your done, you may have a big headache, but your heart will be a lot lighter. Trust me on this one. Keeping your feelings inside doesn’t work.

Step 2: Go for a walk.

If the sun is still out, go for a walk and turn on some tunes. If the sun is nowhere in sight, work out, or do some yoga. Nothing like some fresh air{or relaxing yoga!} to clear your head. {This step can also coincide with step 1}\

Frank Sinatra makes everything better.

Step 3: Heat.

Studies show that heat relaxes your muscles and causes more blood to flow. Since stress causing those muscles, wherever they are, to tighten up and constrict, you want to loosen them up. So, get a bath or shower going, as hot as you can stand it. In fact, the more steamy the better, especially if you have a headache, because that will clear your sinuses also! Make sure to add some bubble bath, oil, or a feel good scent near you, as this will just further the relaxing process.

best. bubble bath. ever.

this post: starring my bathroom sink as pictured in 2/5 pictures.

Step 4: Relax

Try not to overthink when you are in the hot water because you will be taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back and we want to only go forward. Clear your head by listening to some nice, happy, music. NO breakup, death, sad songs, okay? AND make sure to take as much time as you need, if you have somewhere to be, obviously you can’t spend that much time in a bath, so, try to carve out a time in the week where you have nothing on.

Step 5: Comfort.

Once you’ve finished with step 2 and 3 get out of the water, apply some yummy lotion{aveeno for me!} and get into comfy clothes.Today, I donned leggings, a t-shirt that I cut out, a fleece and fuzzy socks. Comfort is key! Don’t dress in denim or stiff material, rather things that sit comfortably on you.

top/hanes; leggings/old navy; fleece/kohls; boots/kohls

Step 6: Feel good food.

I indulged in sweets today{pictured below} which you can do too, but, if you are watching your intake of carbs, then go for some fresh fruit or cool vegetables. Blueberries, Cucumbers, Oranges, a cold glass of milk, all are considered stress-soothers and won’t leave you feeling full and sleepy. {Although that is not always a bad thing!}


Step 7: Unwind and stop going.

Sit down on the couch or lay down on your bed, wherever is comfortable, and escape to someplace beautiful. Today, I went for tumblr and Looking for Alaska by John Greene. By scrolling through fashion pictures and getting lost in the world of Miles Halters, I was able to not focus on me but on something a little more positive. It doesn’t have to be tumblr or reading, perhaps its watching a movie or baking. Whatever it is, make sure it doesn’t require a lot of thinking. Because you don’t want your brain to hurt, since the point of relaxing is to simply, relax, and not focus on much of anything.


So, there we have it! My guide to de-stressing. I know many people who resort to bad habits when they are feeling stressed out, instead of going for the tub of ice cream, or whatever your bad habit is, follow these steps! I can guarantee you will feel better at the end(:

I love you all!

Have a happy weekend, and don’t stress out!



p.s. comment below what you guys want to see! I want to post not only about what i like but what you like too!


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