looking ahead – spring 2013

Hi guys! Again, i am SO sorry i’ve been MIA this week. Honestly, I have no excuses. I’ve been on break so I should’ve been on, but I honestly would get on the computer and then go and do pinterest or twitter or something and completely forget to post. so, I’M SO SORRY GUYS. don’t worry. i’m still alive! 🙂

Anyways, I wanted to ask you guys & talk to you guys about spring trends! I’ve been seeing a huge amount of spring hauls, and I’m really starting to get excited. I mean, FRIDAY IT WILL BE MARCH. HOW. WHAT. WHEN.

I don’t understand why it’s going by so fast but, then again, it seems like january 2012 was just yesterday so, um, i guess it’s normal.

Looking ahead to spring, and looking at all of the spring lines coming out in Forever21, Nordstrom, etc, I’ve noticed a ton of new items resurfacing and some old trends coming back to the light, so let’s jump right in.

Off the bat, the first trend I’ve noticed a lot of is
Floral pants: although I don’t know of any shows that featured these pants, they’re EVERYWHERE. alot of greens and pinks{pale and bright} I especially like these from forever 21! I would style them with a loose, plain white top probably, in case you were wondering.(;

2nd trend which is INSANELY popular is

CORAL: Seriously, you guys, coral is EVERYWHERE. Nails,clutches, bags, necklaces, lip colors, tops, pants, shoes. My favorite way I’ve seen it worn is with a neutral outfit, as a pop of color. Coral makes a plain outfit look a little fancier. Here are a few of my favorites.

this purse.

this shoe.

this lip.

next up! stripes.

Although a lot of you could say stripes were never out, i think some of us can say that they were definitely out for a little while. This year during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week EVERYONE had stripes in their show. I do love a small amount of stripes. Mostly in a striped shirt with a plain pant, colored shoe, plain purse. I would have to say when it comes to stripes a little can go a LONG way.
this is hands down one of my favorite striped items for the spring season. It’s sheer, so it feels light and airy, and it is long sleeve, which can accomodate for the sometimes chilly April evenings, or day’s!

alright, as this post is coming to a close, I want to show you onnneee more trend i’m absolutely LOVING this year! this being the 60’s silhouette.

Although many of us think that this is taking the word throwbackto a whole ‘nother level, I am loving this! {getting sick of me saying loving yet?}

there is something lovely and adorable about the 60’s silhouette. My favorite way that it is worn is as a skirt. The skirts are high calf and they have volume, but not too much. The fabric used is stiff so it holds that volume! Honestly, with a polka dotted sweater or something? UGH. so cute.  🙂

this right here is one of  my favorite ways i’ve seen it worn. also, the stiletto nails? can i get a mmhhhmm up in here?!

Alright, that is all my sweets!

Comment below if you have any requests on posts you want me to cover/talk about!

Hoping to be more consistent this week, but, with me, you never know…

Have a wonderful Monday!




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