Your style in one word.

if any of you know me, you know that a lot of my time is spent on the computer. whether it be tumblr, pinterest, or youtube, my mind is always thinking up an outfit, looking at an outfit, commenting on how cute an outfit is, and reworking my clothes to fit the outfit. My favorite thing to do on the weekends during my down time is to just go on youtube and watch beauty guru’s or lifestyle videos, and one of the MOST common asked questions that beauty guru’s get is
If you could describe your style in one word, what would you choose?
And today, I want to help YOU, the reader, answer that question.

If you could describe your personal style in one word what would you choose?

Preppy – You don’t have to be from the south, but the majority of the people that tend to go for the lilly pulitzer dresses have family members who live/lived in the South. But, I do know Native New Englanders that sport the dresses and monagram. EVERYTHING. If you tend to browse Vineyard Vines, The Frat Collection, Lilly Pulitzer{These are just some of the MANY preppy stores..} for clothes, you probably can put yourself in this style section. You drap your sweaters around your neck, and you are very well groomed. You are COMPLETELY and UTTERLY at the expense of the monogram store. You are confident and not afraid of expressing your style. Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are your favorite vacation spots. {Or dream ones.} You go for the bright patterns on dresses, bubble necklaces are your staple piece, you own a pair of bean boots, idolize Blair Waldorf and drink TONS of sweet tea? Well, my friend, consider yourself a prep-ster. 🙂

Girly – You know you’re a true girly-girl, when everything you own is either pink or purple, covered with feathers and cheetah print, your nails are always painted that hot pink essie color, and you squeal with delight at the thought Sharpay’s car in High School Musical. You flaunt your style around school, and are NEVER without your small hobo and a lip gloss. You hate Hot Topic and ALWAYS find yourself in delia*s. You enter yourself in all of the meet and greet contests for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Legally Blonde and Breakfast at Tiffany’s are your go to films for sleepovers{and you never forget the spa time!}. You wake yourself up an hour {or two} before you go to school, so you have adequate time to make sure the outfit you planned a week ahead of time looked okay, your hair is stick straight, your makeup isn’t dripping, and your lips are perfectly glossed{and, of course, your iPhone is fully charged – can’t leave the clique waiting!}

Trendy – Everything about fashion week makes you happy. The whole idea of the unveiling of the spring/summer trends makes you giddy inside, and you simply can’t wait for the pictures from the show’s to surface on the internet. Your babysitting money is spent the instant you get it on those new t-shirts at Target that all your favorite instagrammers have, and your closet is exploding with clothes. You always use all your makeup and your hairstyle changes often, but you always make sure they are feminine. If Rebecca Minkoff sent all her models down the runway with a nose pierce, you’d probably go out and get one the minute you saw those pictures. You fawn over your clothes, and make sure they don’t look out-dated and you can’t be seen with your mom who wears, gasp, clothes from 2 years ago. Uhm, hello, OLD?

Hipster – It doesn’t matter that Beyonce wore a dress from that overpriced designer. You honestly don’t care about what other people wear. You wear what you want to wear, you buy only the stuff that you think is cute, and no one can sway your opinion. You always have paint on your fingers from the art projects you do, and your hair is unruly because you get out of bed 5 minutes before you have to leave, sometimes leaving the shirt you slept with on and pulling on two different style shoes. You tend to go to the BoHo stores. Screw Abercrombie and Forever21, uhmm Urban Outfitters? You’ve always got A’s in all your subjects, and people, however weird or cool they find your style, are coming to you for homework help.

Punk/Hardcore – Black. It’s everywhere on you. It’s on your eyes. and your lips. and your entire body. You wouldn’t really consider yourself emo, but black is definitely your favorite color. You get the hot topic Catalog delivered to your house, are signed up on their email list, and are spending the money you earn from whatever job you have on DocMartens and new black plugs. You sorta despise your parents and you hate every instruction they throw at you, same goes for the teachers. You never keep your phone charged, you can communicate fine by just finding your friends hanging out at the bleachers during lunch period. You don’t care what people think of you, it works for you, it doesn’t have to work for them.

Edgy – You’re right on the edge. You like the preppy look, but not too much of it. A little pink here and there is awesome, but everywhere? Blech. Too much. You definitely follow trends, but you’ve got a few staple classics that have lasted you a good 4 years. You love the look of DocMartens, but can’t stand how dark the eyeliner that goes all the way around your eyes looks. You kinda care what people think. Not to the extent that you’ll rework your whole wardrobe, but you wouldn’t dare step out of the house in something, shall I say, out-of-date? You admire people like the Hardcores’ and the Girly-Girls who can do that, but, it’s all a little too much. Your phone charge fluctuates, it depends on what week it is. During the school week you are completely commited but during break and on the weekends, you’ll go wild.

Which one fit you?
and can you guess the word I would use?


p.s. expect an ootd post. SOON!


2 thoughts on “Your style in one word.

  1. oh. my. word. this blog is super duper cute. love it britty! and i loved this post, i absolutely have an “edgy” style. 😉
    love you!<3
    ~ellie bell

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