spicing up that drab school uniform

Hey Guys!

How has your week been so far?

At my school, there are two outfits that are permittable.

A skirt with a polo and khakis with a polo.

and if you’re anyone who, like me, cringes at the site of polo’s with school emblems in vomit colors and khaki’s that have no shape than the whole idea of even stepping out of the house in that is unfortunate. so, today, i wanted to tell you guys how I spruce up my school uniform.

1) Fun tights/leggings although some schools strictly enforce the “no tights/leggings that are not school colours – mine does not. So, express yourself through your leggings/tights and add some legwarmers for an extra pop of color!

2) Shoes Shoes are one of my favorite ways to make my uniform a little nicer. If I pop on my combats with my khaki skinnies it can vamp up the outfit and make it feel like i’ve put some thought into it. {You can also sweeten up the outfit by tucking in the polo to your khakis and donning some nice flats.}

3) Hair Accessories One of the easiest ways to spruce up your outfits is by styling your hair in different ways. My go to look is a headband braid into a low bun with a bow {DIY here} Accesorizing with your hair is also one of the most inexpensive ways to spice up your blah uniform.

4) Cardigans/Sweaters sometimes, buttoning up your polo all the way, popping an oversized sweater over it, and poking the collar over the top of the sweater can transform the uniform into a style statement! Cardigans – likewise. Just don’t button them all the way up with your polo, it may look a little dorky. but, in the end it’s up to you!

5) Hats are definitely an easy way to spice up your uniform, i don’t usually use them, but when it’s too cold out for exposed ears, they’re a cute, warm accessory.

and my personal favorite,

5) Scarves This year I literally have accumulated so many scarves and they’re warm and cute and your neck is a good outlet for expressing yourself {i.e. necklaces, collars} but scarves are DEFINITELY my favorite! I think I have 6 different scarves…and i wear them all. 🙂

I hope this helped some of you and as always, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Stay stunning!




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