hey guys! happy tuesday! who of you guys has midterms this week?

i do.

it sucks. but, hey! more time to think about what i’m going to write about to you guys!

i thought today i’d introduce you to the people i draw my inspiration from: my muses.


i really love lauren’s style. i own her book on style, and i love the way she mixes different “genres” of clothing persee. when my fashion muse is in need of a little BUTT KICK i usually flip through her book  or go on pinterest and search her up and i can find something that i can work with 🙂



ah, kylie jenner. kylie is one of my muses because

a) everything she wears is timeless

b) everything she wears is QUALITY.

but, mostly it’s because she plays with pieces, even though the majority is wayy too expensive, she has a wardrobe that we can replicate. i also love the way she’s not afraid to do something a little different with styles and she doesn’t only wear things that are on trend. lately, she and kendall’s obsession has been timberland’s. i mean, who would’ve guessed? we’ll probably see some of those on new york fashion week next year for all i know.

also, all these instagram pictures of kylie’s celine purse? UGH BAG LUST.


and miranda. ugh. the flawless Australian Victoria’s Secret model who looks stunning every time she steps out of the house. Also, for having a baby, this girls bod is incredible! but anyways, i love it when miranda takes a casual look and adds pointy shoes and makes a look that could easily be transitioned into a night-look. She definitely follows trends, from the outfits i’ve seen on her, but she’s not afraid to step outside the “fashion comfort zone”.


well, it’s a wrap. those are my 3 biggest muses. i definitely have a lot more, but i find the most fashion/outfit ideas from these 3.

to all who are doing mid-terms this week, good luck!

i have 4 more left. 🙂

stay beautiful!




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